Ft. Bragg

Ft. Bragg to close?

When Generals go wrong: a wife speaks out

Contributing factor or smoking gun?

Spectators will try to make this scandal about many things: the arrogance of powerful men; conniving mistresses; the silent epidemic of sexual assault in the armed services. But these explanations obscure an underlying problem: the devastating influence of an open-ended war — now in its 11th year — on the families of U.S. service members.

As much as I'd like to blame the war in Afghanistan for this (and other) recent failures by our military's top brass to behave properly, I simply can't. Not only would it be an insult to those who have endured multiple deployments and still remained true to their spouses, it would also be excusing behavior which is inexcusable. In peacetime, that would be wrong. Now it can cost lives.

Rep. Kissell Misses SCHIP Vote....but for a Good Reason

Today, Rep. Larry Kissell missed the final vote on the SCHIP bill that sent it to the president for his signature. Instead of remaining in Washington to vote on a bill that certainly had sufficient votes to pass, Larry attended the memorial service of a soldier from Ft. Bragg who died in Iraq.

He wasn't protesting the funding of SCHIP. Knowing the bill would pass without his vote, he chose to be with the family of a fallen soldier to offer whatever solace he could.

Sandhills Open Thread Redux

North Carolina’s Sandhills is part of the Inner Coastal Plain and includes Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Moore, Richmond, and Scotland counties. It’s part of the U S Fish and Wildlife’s “Safe Harbor Program”. (Couldn’t figure out how to copy the map that shows the Sandhills region, you have to zoom on the first map on the left side of the page) Their website defines the Sandhills as being

south of Highway 24/27 in Moore county, east of Highway 220 and north of highway 74 in Richmond county; north of highways 74 and 401 in Scotland county; north of highway 401 in Hoke county; west of I-95 in Cumberland county; and south of highway 27 and west of highway 401 in Harnett county.

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