Jefferson Jackson Day events in Raleigh

2013 Annual Jefferson Jackson Day Breakfast
(Sponsored as a fundraiser for Democratic Women of Wake County)
Keynote Speaker: Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI)
8:00am Registration Opens
8:30am Breakfast Served
9:15am Program Begins

Tickets: $40 today only. $50 after April 20, 2013
For information regarding this event and other DWWC events, please visit the site at or email Eunice R. Jones, 2013 JJ Sponsorship Chair,;
Jannet Barnes, 2013 JJ Chair,; or Mary H. Starkey, DWWC President

2013 Annual Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner
Saturday April 27, 2013
Raleigh Convention Center,
500 S. Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601
7:30 pm

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NCDP Chair race: a view from the sidelines

We're fast approaching the SEC meeting, in which the Democratic Party's elite will choose the people who will run things during one of our most challenging times, and I'm starting to feel nauseated. That's not a figure of speech. I'm talking about that feeling where strange things are afoot on a gastro-intestinal level, and there's a distinct possibility you may actually throw up sometime in the near future. So you contemplate fluffy bunnies or Zen koans or anything else that will trick your body into calming down. Why am I nauseated? Because Rome is burning, and the only people who can fix it are acting not unlike the Crips and the Bloods, where the color of your bandana is more important than what you can think or do.

Help Send Tina to Charlotte!!

Friends, Over the last unbelievably short 8 years of my being an active and engaged member of the Democratic Party, I have had the privileged honor to meet some of the greatest political figures of our lifetime and certainly some of the most respected leaders of the Democratic Party.

There is just one person I have not yet had the opportunity to personally meet and that is our President Barack Obama! Please make a donation to help me travel to Charlotte and maybe get that one last opportunity to meet our President and be your voice in Charlotte!

Humbly asking for your generous donation,

Tina Willis Rodriguez, 2012 Democratic National Convention Delegate-Alternate

Former 1st Vice Chair-NCDP 3rd Congressional District; SEC Member-NCDP; 2008 DNC Rules Committee; 2nd/3rd Vice President-Carteret County Democratic Women; 2004 DNC Delegate; Wildwood Precinct Chair; and 2006 Candidate for Carteret County Commissioner

Who will you help?

I just made two contributions I intend to make for candidates in this fall's elections. The first was to Elaine Marshall, the second to Billy Kennedy. Both strike me as solid, practical and honest people who will work hard for North Carolina when they get elected.

Beyond these two, I'm eager for input about which candidates for the NC General Assembly deserve progressive support. Please share your suggestions in the comments.

Also, if you do decide to make contributions, consider adding 10 cents to your total amount ... to show the candidate that you are a progressive voter and a member of the BlueNC community. If you're planning to contribute fifteen dollars, please make it $15.10, just so candidates know who has their back.

I was wrong again

Dear friends in Chapel Hill,

It seems like forever ago that I called so many of you, as I've done too many times, to help with a fundraising event here in Orange County. In this case, I wanted to introduce you to a new candidate in North Carolina's 8th District, Larry Kissell. After talking with Larry several times, I concluded that he was a thoughtful person worthy of your financial support. Not only that, but he had proved to me that he would listen. I had told him that he needed a more professional photograph for his website, and he took action on that immediately.

Nearly a hundred good people responded to my request by writing checks or attending a very successful event at my home. Larry wasn't shy about taking the cash, nor was he reluctant to engage. He wrote scores of posts here, including one entitled Betrayal begins with trust. Truer words were never spoken.

So when I learned today from Fredly that Kissell will be a "no" vote on healthcare reform, I had to do some deep soul-searching. And while my dear friend and blogging partner Betsy is willing to give Larry the benefit of the doubt one more time, I am not.

FEC reports for NC House Incumbents

The FEC recently came out with its 1Q09 fundraising reports for the members of Congress. North Carolina's is as follows:

GK Butterfield: $61,080 raised, $147,144 CoH
Bob Etheridge: $156,711 raised, $772,489 CoH
Walter Jones: $16,050 raised, $9,170 CoH
David Price: $11,088 raised, $284,161 CoH
Virginia Foxx: $64,132 raised, $942,195 CoH
John Coble: $17,407 raised, $487,904 CoH
Mike McIntyre: $64,159 raised, $633,090 CoH
Larry Kissel: $164,960 raised, $137,257 CoH (with $20,000 outstanding debt)
Sue Myrick: $49,876 raised, $96,557 CoH
Patrick McHenry: $68,521 raised, $64,936 CoH (with $245,500 in outstanding debt)
Heath Shuler: $189,744 raised, $1,052,214 CoH
Melvin Watt: $14,500 raised, $100,378 CoH
Brad Miller: $43,912 raised, $37,310 CoH (with $16,506 in outstanding debt)

What does all of this mean? Probably not a whole lot.

BBQ to Support Stan Morse

Aug 9 2008 11:00 am
Aug 9 2008 7:00 pm

Eat eastern NC BBQ and support local House candidate Stan Morse in his race for the 40th District.

Democrats in July: Action Items

It's a little more than a month until the Democratic National Convention and almost four months until the November election. It's time to put on the sunscreen, get some bottled water, put on some nice comfortable, cotton clothes, and get to work! Here's a few action items to get your thoughts going on a summer to-do list.

McHenry accuses Johnson of being an "insider" again, Linda Daves (See: Obama ad) makes petty attacks

Looks like McHenry's playing the only card he knows how: raising hell about "Democrats in Washington". Tonight's flavor? McHenry, using Linda Daves (who has met me and knows I think she's as shallow as a puddle of water in the street) as a squawkbox for his patent brand of bull, screaming about how Congressional candidate Daniel Johnson is lying about claiming his bags are not packed with Washington money.

Wait, are you kidding me? Patrick McHenry is behind this? The man known for lining his pockets with more Washington money (and spending that said money more frivolously) than virtually any other politician in the state? Wow.

Obama Supporters, "Get Off Your Duffs...."

gary, indiana



That is what this campaign is about, Making it Work, for Americans.

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