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Cure for amnesia is close

Earlier this week, the Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 in a unanimous decision that the General Assembly law passed to confer a monopoly on the North Carolina Bail Agents Association and exclude any and all competitors was indeed a monopoly (that means unconstitutional and illegal). You can read about how it was 'shady' here in the Greensboro newspaper article here.

State AFL-CIO President to NCGA: "I will not be obedient in the face of injustice"

NC State AFL-CIO President James Andrews will join the almost 500 who have gone before him and risk arrest by petitioning the NC General Assembly in nonviolent civil disobedience at Moral Monday 8. About why he has chosen civil disobedience, James had this to say:

"Today I stand in opposition to the immoral acts taken against the people of North Carolina by those who claim to govern in their name. "Well, not in my name do this General Assembly and Governor act. Not with my consent do they undermine North Carolina and her hard-working families.

"I am not intimidated by bullies. And I will not be obedient in the face of injustice."

Moral Mondays, civil disobedience at its best!

Now is the time, Here is the place, We are the People, And we will be heard. A proud and defining moment.

Maybe you have recently thought, "I could do that, I could join the citizen pushback against the terrible legislation coming out of the General Assembly on Jones Street in Raleigh." If you have considered taking part but felt you required information on exactly what will transpire between you and the General Assembly Police once you join the 150 or so dedicated supporters of the Rev. William J. Barber's Moral Mondays in the General Assembly building on Jones Street in Raleigh, read on.

N.C. civil disobedience: Nearly 100 arrested so far for protesting ALEC-ification of state

More than 200 people gathered May 13 to support the 49 people arrested for peaceably protesting at the N.C General Assembly building in Raleigh, North Carolina.
More than 200 people gathered May 13 to support the 49 people arrested for peaceably protesting at the N.C General Assembly building in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Garrison Keillor opens his monologues with "It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon." But North Carolina is not a quiet town on the prairie, and we are no longer being quiet.

This week in North Carolina started with 49 arrests at the N.C. General Assembly -- arrests of people peaceably assembled and singing songs of peace and unity to protest the ALEC-ification of our state. This brings the total number of civil-disobedience arrests so far to 96, including 17 arrests April 29, 30 arrests on May 6, and 49 arrests on May 13.

What happened in Raleigh on Wednesday?

NC House passed legislation called the "Possum Drop" bill
6% (3 votes)
NC Senate removed hundreds of millions of dollars from state economy
0% (0 votes)
NC House committee raised taxes on poor while cutting taxes for the rich
0% (0 votes)
NC House told hundreds of thousands to DROP DEAD by rejecting Medicaid expansion
0% (0 votes)
NC House committee voted to send women only (not men) to prison for showing their nipples
4% (2 votes)
Sweet mother of mercy... all of the above
90% (45 votes)
Total votes: 50

Grab your pot and let's make some noise!

Since so many of our lawmakers in Raleigh have made it plain they aren't listening to the people of North Carolina, it's time to get their attention another way. Please join the AFL-CIO, Progress NC and other allies at the General Assembly on May 16 -- the opening day of this year's legislative session -- for a rally that lawmakers can't ignore. Bring your own pot and utensil of choice and be prepared to make some noise. Details after the jump...

The tour came to Greenville

This multi-organization tour traveling the state to highlight important issues and concerning actions being taken by the General Assembly came to Greenville last night. The Daily Reflector's Ginger Livingston has the story. And the federally provided HAVA funds are a part of that story:

Rally in Raleigh on Thursday Feb 16th

In case you haven't heard, there is going to be a rally in Raleigh on Thursday Feb 16th at 11 AM in front of the General Assembly at 16 W. Jones Street as they come into their February session.

I've heard from different people a number of different reasons why they are going. Some will be there to protest. Some will be there to speak out against the amendment. Some will be there as watchdogs to let the General Assembly know that midnight sessions and other such behavior is unacceptable and incompatible with open and transparent public service.

For me, I see this as a chance to follow up with all the positive messages I heard at HKonJ, while the General Assembly is actually town. There was a lot of creativity and positivity with chants, songs, shirts, and signs at HKonJ, and I think they should get more than one use.

New website to fight the far right in NC debuts

Progress NC has joined with a number of other progressive groups to present a united front against the far right leadership in Raleigh that called for the January 5th post-midnight secret legislative session. We have created a website to explain what is happening in Raleigh, the events leading up to January 5th and the implications of the far right agenda for North Carolinians and their daily lives. Please visit the site and help us spread the word, especially to people who are not yet paying attention: Thank you!

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