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First he screwed over Washington DC public schools, then he did the same at Wake County public schools. And now Mr. Logistics Expert is going to do the honors at the North Carolina Department of Public Transportation, as only a trough-slopping GOP hack can do. Nice going, Governor Pope. At this rate, you'll be able to shut down the whole Puppetshow and transfer the entire staff to your new and improved personal estate government. Daddy would be proud of all the wonderful things you're doing with the silver spoons he left you.

Tata talk

In the wake (pun intended) of Art Pope choosing an inexperienced general to lead the largest school system in North Carolina, I did some reading to see exactly what the fuss is all about. Simply put, the guy's a doozie. For starters, he doesn't seem to have the brains god gave an animal cracker, as evidenced in this cliche-ridden tribute to Sarah "I quit" Palin:

She has a gritty determination borne in the salmon hauls and caribou hunts that make her pioneer tough.

Nor is he in touch with what most people would consider reality. At least four of the six adjectives he uses in this sentence are demonstrably not true:

Sarah Palin is precisely what the American people are seeking: an honest, intelligent, passionate, practical conservative who is nonpartisan and a tough decision maker.

There's a lot to read about the one-star wonder out there on the intertubes, most of which can probably be traced back to his brainwashing at West Point.

And there's this sweet little picture of his final status in his ultimate ego trip. Too bad Wake County didn't come to the same conclusion:

Open thread: Puppetshow update

It's pretty close to a full time job inducting new Puppets into the Show.
Ah well. Somebody's gotta do it.


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