On Protecting The Innocent, Or, Is There A Death Penalty Compromise?

I don’t feel very good about this country this morning, and as so many of us are I’m thinking of how Troy Davis was hustled off this mortal coil by the State of Georgia without a lot of thought of what it means to execute the innocent.

And given the choice, I’d rather see us abandon the death penalty altogether, for reasons that must, at this moment, seem self-evident; that said, it’s my suspicion that a lot of states are not going to be in any hurry to abandon their death penalties anytime soon now that they know the Supreme Court will allow the innocent to be murdered.

So what if there was a way to create a compromise that balanced the absolute need to protect the innocent with the feeling among many Americans that, for some crimes, we absolutely have to impose the death penalty?

Considering the circumstances, it’s not going to be an easy subject, but let’s give it a try, and see what we can do.


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As you know, GOP Senator Saxby Chambliss failed to defeat state lawmaker Jim Martin in Georgia's Senate race.

Early voting in the runoff election begins this coming Monday, and election day itself is December 2nd.

The increasingly desperate GOP are redoubling their efforts to defame a popular Georgia Democrat. Taking a page out of Elizabeth Dole's godless playbook, Chambliss is accusing Martin of being in favor of child prostitution:

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