Gerrick Brenner

MSNBC Sunday: NC's Republican revolution

on MSNBC tomorrow at 8am On Sunday’s Up with Steve Kornacki
Topic: North Carolina’s Republican revolution

among the guests:

Rev. William Barber, president, North Carolina NAACP.

Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress North Carolina.

Penda Hair, co-director at the Advancement Project, a civil rights organization.

[former] North Carolina State Senator Linda Garrou (D).

Gerrick Brenner explores McCrory's unethical connections

Creating a new paradigm in pay-to-play politics:

The Foundation for North Carolina can take unlimited donations and legally does not have to disclose its donors. Gov. McCrory’s association with such an entity designed specifically for his benefit is a gaping loophole for corporations and lobbyists to circumvent campaign finance law. The potential for pay-to-play and conflicts of interests is staggering.

After witnessing McCrory's 2011 non-campaign campaign, in which he toured the state raking in speaker's fees and God knows what other forms of income, this Foundation gimmick comes as no surprise. What is a surprise is how casually the mainstream media has approached this issue. Back in the day, tons of money from unknown sources collected for vague reasons used to be a flag for reporters that corruption might be present, but today? Nary an eyebrow raised.

Tillis: Proud of putting corporations ahead of citizens

Stretching the term "public servant" until it snaps:

Tillis touted several pieces of legislation passed by the Republican majority, including new laws addressing medical malpractice reform, tort reform, regulatory reform, annexation reform, and workers compensation reform as some of his proudest moments of his third term in office.

Shifting even more burdens on to the backs of the people you're supposed to represent is not something in which to take pride. Thank God there are people like Gerrick Brenner to call bullshit:

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