GOP Legislative Leaders

What happened in Raleigh on Wednesday?

NC House passed legislation called the "Possum Drop" bill
6% (3 votes)
NC Senate removed hundreds of millions of dollars from state economy
0% (0 votes)
NC House committee raised taxes on poor while cutting taxes for the rich
0% (0 votes)
NC House told hundreds of thousands to DROP DEAD by rejecting Medicaid expansion
0% (0 votes)
NC House committee voted to send women only (not men) to prison for showing their nipples
4% (2 votes)
Sweet mother of mercy... all of the above
90% (45 votes)
Total votes: 50

'Citizen Journalism': necessary for transparency in government

'Citizen Journalism': necessary for transparency in government by
* Martha Brock at, January 30, 2011


COMMENTARY I am revisiting today an issue that I think deserves the special attention of voters and government officials at all levels alike: transparency in government.

My first aricle as a writer was based on observations as a former lobbyist and a long-time political activist and as a former candidate for political office.

I am reposting that brief commentary from July 2010 below this article.I had repeated skirmishes with local, state, and federal officials and staff of government agencies over access to information as a lobbyist, and as I advocated for several private, nonprofits at the NCGA.


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