GOP Propaganda

Power-hungry Berger launches propaganda campaign

Trying to use fear of personal information gathering to gather personal information:

As for the claim that the law will require the government to turn over health records to the IRS, Hall said that is simply not true. Berger’s intention for the petition remains unclear. But often online petitions serve a distinct political purpose. Berger has been mentioned as a potential challenger to U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, D-Greensboro, in 2014.“Sen. Berger is running for first shot at the primary against Kay Hagan,” said Don Taylor, a health policy expert and Duke University professor, to explain the petition.

I never thought anyone could compete with Dick Burr's "Say Anything, Do Nothing" record in the U.S. Senate, but Phil Berger has potential. And as far as truth in advertising is concerned:

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