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Austerity For Thee But Not For Me, Inc.

Austerity. Just what you wanted for Christmas. From McClatchy:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A group co-founded by Charlottean Erskine Bowles brings its campaign to reduce the federal debt to North Carolina next week, making the state the latest front in the battle to avert the “fiscal cliff.”

Two former governors – Democrat Jim Hunt and Republican Jim Holshouser – will launch Fix the Debt’s N.C. chapter at a news conference Tuesday in Raleigh.


Fix the Debt was founded by Bowles and Alan Simpson, a former U.S. senator from Wyoming. They chaired the so-called Bowles-Simpson commission that two years ago proposed a package of spending cuts and tax hikes to begin reducing the federal debt, now estimated at over $16 trillion.

The who and what at the DNC

Here is my piece for Creative Loafing of Charlotte on what to watch for during the Democratic National Convention for Democrats in the State of North Carolina:

So, the big questions going into the convention are: 1) How much fight do state Democrats have left in them as the fall election season nears? and 2) Who in the heck is going to lead N.C. Democrats into the 21st century once the dust settles?

A donkey of a different color

This article recently appeared in the pages of Charlotte's Creative Loafing:

It will be a historic week of celebration for Democrats when President Obama comes to Charlotte for his party's convention in September, but the scene is likely to be an ironic footnote before a period of darkness. Come November, state Democrats are at high risk of losing statewide elections that would shift political power for years to come — and unravel decades of their predecessors' work.

Exclusive interview with former Gov. Jim Hunt about President Obama this Thursday on "Make It Happen"

My exclusive, NEVER BEFORE HEARD full interview with former Gov. Jim Hunt about Pres. Obama, on the NEXT "MAKE IT HAPPEN," Thursday at4 p.m. on Power 750 WAUG and Power! Don't miss it!

No-Class Paul Stam Attacks Governor Jim Hunt

What kind of buildings would we name after the GOP minority leader? Here are some ideas:

  • The Skip Stam Sewage Plant - planned to be located strategically in the center of New Hill between the 2 churches in that community. Now every Sunday, the odor will remind worshipers of how poorly Stam defended their rights.
  • The Skip Stam Landfill expansion - As the mountain of garbage greets those entering Holly Springs, it will remind them that Stam was too busy defending marriages to worry about Holly Springs.
  • The Skip Stam Toll Way (now with "Stam Tax"!) - Now as the good citizens of Southern Wake pay twice - once with gas tax and again with a hefty toll ("Stam Tax"), they can remember who neglected the roads. Of course, Stam can't even get funding passed to start building I-540 as a toll road.
  • The Skip Stam Mandatory Year Round School and Trailer Park - Since Stam, a real estate lawyer, fights transfer and impact fees to the exclusion of doing anything for the district, it's only fitting to name an overcrowded school after him.

It Was A Beautiful Day in Moore County

Saturday, April 21st, the Moore County Democratic Party held a fundraising luncheon at Little River Golf and Resort in Carthage. There were over 200 good dems in attendance and we were fortunate to have a great keynote speaker, Governor Jim Hunt. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The theme of the luncheon was "Celebrating Educational Leadership", and the two people that were celebrated this day were Evelyn “Ebby” Bruton Monroe and Rep. T. Clyde Auman (deceased), both hardworking and faithful Dems.

As most of you know, I have been taking a class provided by Moore County to help the citizens better understand how our government works and what it takes in both man-power and finances. Ebby has also been attending and we have all been blessed to have her there to ask the right questions. It wasn’t until this luncheon that I realized just how hard she has worked behind the scenes in North Carolina Democratic policies.

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