A poem for Governor McCrory

Dear Governor McCrory, I’m writing you today
Because – as a citizen – I have a great deal to say.

I’m incredibly proud of this wonderful state,
Where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great
From Murphy to Manteo we are all instilled
With a North Carolina value: a desire to build
We built universities that were the envy of the nation
We built community colleges that enabled vocations
We built a K-12 system that served every single student
We cultivated a political system that stressed politics less than prudence
We passed pro-business policies, and still invested in our communities
We took it upon ourselves to strive for equal opportunity
We made sure we supported the poor and middle class
But now we have teachers leaving us en masse
And now we’ve decided that public schools aren’t a priority
And now we’re at the mercy of an ideologue majority
And now we’ve become a national joke
And now the lines are drawn to neglect most folks

Mail Fraud - In my opinion

In my opinion the Governor McCrory, his Secretary of Transportation - Mr. Tata, and Kathy Brannan of the Liability Insurance Unit are in engaging in Mail Fraud and Conspiracy by sending out License Plate Revocation letters with no basis. I have to say in my opinion or I am sure they would come after me for slander even though it is the truth.

It would be nice if the Federal Government would enforce their laws regarding Mail Fraud and Conspiracy on a non-selective basis and prosecute these people. But, I know it will never happen :-(


Protzman for Governor

In my wildest dreams, I never imagined I would find myself running for Governor of North Carolina. Then again, I never imagined those of us living in this state would find ourselves under attack from radicals who want to control every aspect of our lives.

The folks running the show in Raleigh may very well be good people, but the effect of their policies is destructive in more ways than we can count. They want to pass laws making it harder for families to get ahead, while cutting taxes on millionaires and billionaires. They look down from their high horses, saying they know what’s best for North Carolina cities and towns. They’ve taken a chain saw to our education system, cutting millions from public schools and giving that money to private businesses with no record of accountability or success. The list goes on and on.

Meanwhile Mr. McCrory continues to talk about his fancy E’s: efficiency, economy, and education. It’s too bad he couldn’t count higher than three. It’s too bad he doesn’t understand the importance of excellence, environment, and ethics.

What good is efficiency without excellence? If you’re doing the wrong things, it doesn’t matter how efficiently you do them, they’re still bad ideas. What good are economic gains if you’re destroying our priceless environment along the way? How can you talk about integrity to young students when your administration is mired in one ethical quagmire after another?

Pat McCrory was paid to run for governor for more than a decade, first by Duke Energy and then by a well-connected law firm. Now that he’s in office, he’s doing just what those special interests wanted all along. Rubber stamping the actions of a legislature controlled by Republican extremists. Interfering in personal choices where government has no legitimate business. Telling cities what they can and can’t do. Making it harder to vote in fair elections.

Many of these destructive policies are rooted in deep disdain for government and driven by free market fantasy.

As an entrepreneur for more than 30 years, I understand the tremendous value that businesses can create. But I also understand their limitations. That’s why I place so much importance on excellence in government, protecting the environment, and ethics and integrity. If we do those things right, we’ll meet our other goals effectively. We’ll recruit the kinds of businesses needed to grow our economy. We’ll attract the best people into public service and operate more efficiently. And we’ll deliver on our sacred promise of public education for generations to come.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Pat McCrory and his gang are out of control – and someone has to stop them. I wish that someone didn't have to be me, but until another voice for sanity emerges, I'll gladly step up.

They sure have their talking points down...

Those who read BlueNC are already aware of goings-on during the first few days of the McCrory administration. For those who may have missed it, let's take a look at some recent talking points surrounding the Foundation for North Carolina, "a nonprofit group that didn't exist until two weeks after this year's election.":

N&O endorses Dalton .... must be a cold day in the hot place.

No kidding ... here it is.

The money line ...

Of these two candidates for the governorship, we think Dalton has more of what it takes to lead North Carolina in the right direction, toward more opportunity and prosperity for all of its people

Is there a Dalton campaign?

I have heard rumors that our Lt. Governor is running to replace Bev Perdue but have yet to see any concrete evidence of such. I do not watch tv, so have missed any ads or debates. I have seen his website, but three (3, three, tres, san) email contacts have yet to be answered. I even volunteered for the Dalton campaign at his website without a response of any kind. I think now, perhaps, that it's just a front; nobody is really there. I haven't even seen any ads online or heard ads on the radio for Mr. Dalton. Not a campaign sign exists in the whole of Person County so now I think this whole Dalton campaign could just be gossip or some warped rumor.

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

Join Progress NC Action and a number of our allies as we send a message to Pat McCrory right before NC's first gubernatorial debate tomorrow night: the people of North Carolina have a right to know who you have financial ties with and if it will affect your ability to represent our interests.

We're gathering across from the NC GOP headquarters in Raleigh at 1506 Hillsborough Street at noon on Wednesday, October 3rd to show our tax returns and demand that GOP gubernatorial Pat McCrory do the same. The rally will last half an hour. Please take part of your lunch hour to join us! If ever we had a chance to bring this issue into the mainstream news, it's tomorrow right before the debate. Details after the jump.

Guess McCrory's income and win a prize!

As most of you are aware, NC voters do not know who is paying gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory, nor how much he is being paid. We do know he has income streams from his lobbying firm and his brother's consulting company. He is also receiving salaries and stock options from sitting on various corporate boards. However, what special interests may be paying him -- and how much -- remains unknown, casting doubt on his ability to represent the people's interests as Governor of North Carolina. That's why Progress NC Action is calling on him to release his tax returns and client list. Help us turn up the pressure by filling out our new survey on McCrory's income and you might win a prize....

Etheridge rooted in education

This is the third in the series on candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor. I'll be the first to admit I don't know a whole bunch about him. I lived in Georgia most of the time he was Superintendent of Public Instruction and even as an almost lifetime resident of NC (40 of my 47 years), I had to look up where Harnett County was.

His politics have tended toward middle-of-the road. The authoritative Almanac of American Politics, described him as having “compiled a moderate voting record that is generally more liberal on economic issues. He belongs to the centrist New Democrats.”

read more: Charlotte Observer

A sense of place defines Walter Dalton and his politics

This is the second in a series on the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination for Governor. I like Walter Dalton, may not agree with some of his votes while he was in the Legislature but he is a good guy and I think it would be good to have a Governor from my side of the state. Plus, we are fraternity brothers so he has that going for him, hehe.

“Somebody said, ‘Why do you do what you do?’ It’s the psychic income – believing you can make a difference,” Dalton said in a recent interview in his hometown of Spindale.

read more: Charlotte Observer

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