Governor Beverly Perdue

Goolsby gloats, and reinforces Perdue's legacy in the process

Arrogance might impress the feeble-minded; but the rest of us, not so much:

Instead of pulling a ‘Bill Clinton’ and running to the center in order to be the hero, she distanced herself from many popular reforms that she could have owned. She could have been a populist hero fighting Obamacare, balancing the $3 billion deficit in the state budget, instituting voter ID, dismantling the Racial (In)Justice Act, reforming medical malpractice liability and making the state energy independent. Instead, to her detriment, Perdue fought the Republicans on all these popular issues.

Thanks for reminding us. While Goolsby might believe changing your principles as often as you change your necktie is admirable behavior, I believe otherwise. I also believe Bev Perdue may have knowingly sacrificed future wealth and success in order to do what's right for the people of NC, and that should also be part of her legacy.

More chairs needed at the Dix negotiating table

3,000 more chairs, to be precise:

The county, spending $22 million a year on mental health, had “imbedded” care for those groups into widespread operations and clinics. Now each part of the care that Wake County had offered through its Human Services Department must be examined as part of the ongoing “divestiture.” That means some other private or nonprofit entity will likely take over the work through a contract with Alliance.

There appears to be a whole lot of potential cracks for these patients to fall through, and part of this park deal should be an agreement by the State and Raleigh/Wake to make sure that doesn't happen.

N&O: 'Report shows Perdue has untapped $1.2M'

I have heard that Gov. Beverly Perdue is the most unpopular governor in the USA. I have defended her in the past, but if I were Walter Dalton, who was late into the Governor's race after Perdue ducked out at the last minute, I would greatly resent her stockpiling campaign funds that could be used against Pat McCrory.

According to the N&O article, McCrory leads Dalton in funds 6-to-1.

According to the N&O, "Perdue started the year with $2 million. Since July, she directed $250,000 to the state Democratic Party and refunded $243,000 to individual donors. A campaign aide said she also gave $4,000 to Dalton, but the donation is not reflected in the records."

Makes McCrory's repeatedy attempts to link Dalton to Perdue appear way off the mark.

Vetoes still needed for anti-environment bills

There's still time to do what's right:

Gov. Beverly Perdue's office has received more than 3,400 letters and emails urging her to veto three environment-related bills passed by the General Assembly in its recent legislative session, said Chris Mackey, a governor's spokeswoman. Among the three bills decried in the messages is House Bill 819, the sea-level rise bill.

A bill that has contributed greatly to North Carolina's status as a national laughingstock. The other two bills seem to be flying under the (mainstream media) radar:

Governor Perdue, Veto SB 820 fracking bill

Stop this toxic train before it jumps the track:

If Perdue vetoes the bill, fracking proponents would need 72 votes in the House for an override. If the governor does not veto it, next steps include naming the members of the Mining and Energy Commission and setting a schedule for the creation of regulations and other related work.

That first step being the stacking of the Commission with indiustry or industry-friendly individuals, guaranteeing that any regulations produced will barely give a nod to safety and conservation. And it will only be a matter of time before this starts happening in NC:

NC GOP wets its pants over Perdue comment

If they exhibited a fraction of this energy trying to fix our unemployment problem, we might not have one:

SenatorBerger 5:55pm via Twitter for iPhone Berger: "I want to state clearly, on the record, that I do NOT support suspending our next gubernatorial election." #ncga #ncpol

Here's the quote these dimwits are so wound up about:

McCrory's not-so-stealthy campaign

Kudo's to Chris for calling him out:

As recently as the end of July, McCrory was saying that he was trying “to gauge the level of support and confidence in a potential McCrory campaign.” Those remarks came after news that McCrory’s unannounced campaign had raised just over a million dollars in the last year. That is a lot of money for a gauge.

Yeah, it is. And methinks the BoE needs to take a look at which account these checks are going into:

Anti-environment bills Vetoed

The light of responsibility shines in the darkness:

Perdue vetoed three more bills this afternoon, one that would limit environmental regulations, another on off-shore drilling and natural gas extraction from slate, and one that set requirements for Medicaid and Health Choice providers.

Perdue was bombarded by emails and telephone calls asking her to veto the regulatory and energy bills, but in her written statements she cited narrow, constitutional reasons.

This is probably a sign of the times, but these Vetoes caught me by surprise. I was afraid to even hope, and that's a damned sad place to be. Thanks for proving me wrong, Bev.

Governor Perdue Vetoes "ideologically driven Budget"

Doing the only responsible thing she could:

This budget will result in generational damage. It tears at the very fibers that make North Carolina strong – not only our schools, but also our communities, our environment, our public safety system and our ability to care for those who need us most.

The General Assembly may be satisfied with a state in reverse, but I am not. Therefore, I veto this bill.

Thank you, Bev. Whether they override or not, it was the right thing to do.

Governor Perdue takes to the Op-Ed pages

Blasting the GOP's cuts to education:

Too many of our school teachers are already buying classroom materials out of pocket, but the General Assembly wants to cut funding for school supplies by 42 percent.

They want to terminate tens of thousands of teacher assistants, K-12 teachers, university faculty, community college instructors and administrators at every level. They have taken aim at teachers who educate our gifted students, and our high-needs students - with no regard for the children they serve.

Veto, Veto, Veto. There's $630 million set aside for tax cuts and a 1 cent sales tax that could make all the difference in the world for teachers and students, but the GOP's not going to give those up without a fight. Win or lose, it's a fight that must happen.

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