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GOP non-solutions: Jordan Lake "fix" nothing more than a Band-Aid

And it's wasting taxpayer dollars better spent elsewhere:

The state project to use SolarBee circulators is a Band-Aid being sold by the General Assembly and the McCrory administration as a cheap fix for a polluted lake. Jordan Lake is huge. The amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, cyanobacteria, septic, auto, dirt and chemical runoff is unprecedented and growing. Jordan has been rated as “impaired” for years. Adding machines to stir up water may prevent some algae from blooming in a few places but won’t actually clean the water or reduce the pollutants. They won’t clean up toxins downstream, either.

As usual, Greg hits several nails on their heads in this piece. Jordan Lake's problem is an incredibly complex issue. Just as the nutrients and toxins didn't originate in the middle of the Lake, the solutions won't be found there, either. The way we develop land for homes and businesses, our approach to guarding against high flood waters, the methods we employ in water treatment and the disposal (discharge) of the slurry of crap we clean from water, and then toss right back in. Many things need to change, not the least of which is our head-in-the-sand belief that doing nothing is a viable and justifiable option. Negligence should never be an option, and neither should wasting money on dubious silver-painted bullets.

Chris Estes. Not ready for prime time.

Is Chris Estes really this uninformed, or is this part of the Governor Pope's "lowering expectations" game? From Greg Flynn via Facebook:

This week Pat McCrory's State IT CIO appointee Chris Estes chose to introduce himself to IT staff old style using the PA system. He made a point to say that when Pat McCrory called IT broken he was talking about the system, not the people. He also said that if anyone had any ideas for improvement he would be placing a suggestion box near his office. Not an online collaboration tool, or a survey tool, but an actual box for written suggestions, from IT people. It's going to be a long 4 years.

I've written about business technology for nearly 15 years now and I welcome this development. Chris Estes is going to become one of my go-to sources for "what not to do" stories. I can see it now. The first headline will be, "Yes, North Carolina. Luddites still run the show."

Good work!

Props to James, BlueNC, and particularly Greg Flynn for having "Strategic Allied Consulting morphs into Issue Advocacy Partners" picked up by today's Daily Kos and praised for its timeliness.

Something very funny

If you don't follow the Progressive Pulse blog, you should. And if you do follow it, you already know about their resident Tea Bagger, Frances Jenkins. Frances is a bit like Frank Burns (who we have since banned from BlueNC) in that she has a remarkable ability to say nothing and avoid responsibility, all while playing the victim in almost everything she writes.

In response to today's Frances fantasies, Greg Flynn, one of our BlueNC frontpagers, channels the woman with brilliant creativity and cleverness. Please go read the whole thread for a good laugh, but the punch line is posted below the fold.

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