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Head gun-nut tries racial fear-mongering in State Fair debate

Reminiscent of 1960's pro-segregation scare tactics:

How about this headline: “ ‘Beat Whitey Night’ at Iowa State Fair”? – “Police are investigating whether a series of assaults at the Iowa State Fair were racially motivated since the attackers reportedly announced it was ‘ Beat Whitey Night.’ ”

The Christian Science Monitor reports: “Wisconsin State Fair mob attack: Police seek hate crime charges” – “Police in West Allis, Wis., say some attacks by black teenagers on white people outside the gates of the Wisconsin State Fair on Aug. 4 were racially motivated and should be prosecuted as hate crimes.” At a previous Wisconsin fair, the mayor of Milwaukee was beaten with a metal pipe.

Not surprisingly, these comments could have been taken directly from a White Supremacist website. It is surprising to see them in the pages of the state's flagship newspaper though, and the News & Observer's editorial staff needs to do some serious soul-searching on whether they are trying to give both sides of a debate some column space, or help fan the flames of racial strife for controversy's sake.

Prominent Cabarrus County Republican shoots his own son

Being Cabarrus County, this is probably not front page material:

“There appears to have been an altercation between Mr. Cowherd and his son,” said Cabarrus County Chief Deputy Paul Hunt. “A gunshot went, off striking the son.”

The younger man, whose name was not immediately available, was taken to the hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. Phil Cowherd III was interviewed at his home but was not taken into custody Sunday, Hunt said. Deputies have collected the gun used in the shooting as evidence.

When he was finally tracked down for a comment, Cowherd replied, "Ahh, he'll be alright, I just winged him. Besides, how I discipline my children is nobody's damn business but my own." You're right, I just made that up. It happens. ;)

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