Wake GOP raffle tickets on sale!

Offered without comment (at least for now):

The Wake County Republicans are holding a raffle. They could have chosen to raffle a car, a country club membership, a restaurant gift certificate, a kayak, a grandfather clock, a riding mower or a rubber woman.

The Wake County Republican party chose to raffle off an AR-15 assault rifle.


Guns on campus: the craziness in NC continues

The epitome of irresponsible governing:

"We can't keep guns off our school property, so what we've done is drawn a really tight circle around those vehicles," said CMS board member Eric Davis.

School board members say at no point would a gun be allowed in school, but the change still concerns them.

"This is another example of I believe the state stepping in and saying, 'we know better' when we should be able to have local control on what happens on our campuses," said Morgan.

I'm not sure just how secure a "tight circle" could be, but it's a good bet it's not tight enough to keep someone from breaking into one of those cars and grabbing a loaded weapon, and then walking 100 feet back into the school. And it's not just the school parking lots that are being weaponized:

Wayne County middle school uses fake gunman to "teach" lesson

Parents at Eastern Wayne Middle School are justifiably upset - school official sent a "fake" gunman into the school to "teach a lesson". The person - a student - wore a ski mask, carried a fake gun, and pretended to rob some of the students.

School officials said it was supposed to be an "enrichment exercise" to "teach students to be aware of their surroundings" but that they got "carried away".

That anyone working in a public school system would think this is appropriate says a great deal about the mindset in many rural parts of NC that can't seem to make the connection between guns and the consequences of gun violence.

Blog post on news story from the local Fox8 affiliate. (Wayne County, for those of you not familiar with points east in NC includes Kinston).

NC legislators sign ALEC Stand Your Ground letter

Think Progress reports that the American Legislative Exchange Council sent a letter, supposedly signed by 300 local legislators, to Senator Dick Durbin. Durbin wants to investigate the role of ALEC in crafting Stand Your Ground (aka Right to Be Shot and Killed by a Gun Nut) laws in over half of US states. The laws, for the most part, are copy and paste jobs of ALEC's model.

The letter was supposed to have carried the clout of about 300 state legislators who signed onto it, but, according to an investigation by progressive group by ProgressNow, many of the signatures on that letter were falsified or duplicated.

The group said it was signed by 293 elected officials. But, ProgressNow found, 55 of the signatures are “blatantly invalid.”
“[A] simple Google search found that seven of the signatures on the letter were unidentifiable, four were spouses of elected lawmakers, 35 of the signatures were duplications and one was an expletive rant,” said ProgressNow Research Director Brian Wietgrefe in a release.

Silly ALEC can't even tell the truth about letters it's sending Senators.

Several NC legislators are on the list. If you value the safety of yourself and your children - and abhor groups like ALEC buying and paying for your state legislators - keep these names in mind come election time.

Colbert tips his hat to NC

The part about NC starts at the 4:10 mark:

Right Wing Nutcase Watch: Gun March on DC Morphing into 50 State Call to Dissolve the Union

Some of you might recall Adam Kokesh, the right-wing gun rights advocate and conspiracy theorist who called for a Million Gun Owners March on DC a few weeks back on his radio show.

Now, he's really gone off the deep end, calling for gun owners to march on their state capitals, rather than DC, and demand "dissolution of the Federal government".

You can read more about it at Media Matters.

Currently, his Facebook page for the DC March has 5,000 people that have said they'll attend. It could just be hot air, but I think this is worth keeping a close eye on.

Valone responds with excuses

Mr. Valone of Grass Roots North Carolina responded to my message. The message is based on excuses and a false alleged equivalency between his actions and those of the reporter whose family Mr. Valone has placed at increased risk. Below is the chain of correspondence.

Despicable behavior by gun fanatic

Threatening someone's family is behavior worthy of the lower forms of mob bosses, drug lords, and fanatical terrorists. Is the president of Grass Roots North Carolina seeking to place himself in such company?

Guns and bars don't mix

The state of North Carolina is considering legislation that will lift the ban on concealed, loaded guns in bars, restaurants, and public parks. Sign a postcard here to tell the NC Legislature that Guns and Alcohol Don't Mix!

Armed and dangerous at the General Assembly

I just noticed another bad Republican idea worth pointing out:

It is rare that the inside dealings of the General Assembly, its rules and its operating procedures rise to the level that they should concern the general public. But a bill that appears to be well-greased is scary in its implications.

The bill would give both the House speaker and the Senate president pro tem authority to individually exempt any elected officer of either chamber from any rule of the Legislative Services Commission, the body of lawmakers that controls how the legislature operates, according to the Insider newsletter.

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