Harnett County

Is Harnett Health another victim of the failure to expand Medicaid?

Hell yes.

Expansion of Medicaid can hugely benefit rural areas by addressing insurance coverage gaps, especially given that rural residents tend to be less well covered than their urban counterparts with employer-provided health insurance. Medicaid expansion promises rural health providers much needed increased payment levels, which help struggling rural hospitals maintain operations against better-funded suburban and urban competitors.

But it's even worse than that:

Senator Ron Rabin who represents Harnett, Lee and a small portion of Johnston County not only voted in favor of not taking the Medicaid expansion money but is listed as one of the co-sponsors of the Senate bill that refuses to take the Expansion of Medicaid.

Groundhog Breakfast to Kick Off the Political Season

The Harnett County Democratic Men's Club will be holding their annual Groundhog breakfast Saturday, February 8th. Breakfast will begin at 8:30. The keynote speaker this year will be retired Chief Judge of the North Carolina Court of Appeals, Gerald Arnold. This year the club will honor all of the past county chairs that have worked tirelessly to promote Democratic Party principals and elect good Democrats to office, from the local to national level. With the first day to file for office Monday, expect a number of perspective candidates to be in attendance. All Democrats are cordially invited to join the gathering. The event will be held at the Government Complex in Lillington.

Bob Etheridge & David Price address concerns about the NC GOP

Saturday morning (Feb. 9th) the Harold Ellen Harnett County Democratic Men's Club hosted their annual Groundhog breakfast. David Price who now represents a portion of Harnett County was the keynote speaker and Bob Etheridge was master of ceremonies. Each spoke about the future of the Democratic Party and the dangers of the GOP in Raleigh and Washington.

Acting locally in Harnett County

This resolution received via email from Harnett County, where grassroots party members and leaders are stepping up to remind elected Democrats not to behave like Republicans.

The Harnett County Democratic Party is and always has been an organization that has valued and championed the hardworking citizens of our county. Among those hardworking citizens we recognize and include the public servants that provide services we all need and depend on. In these difficult times we urge all our county officials, when considering measures to insure financial stability for local government, to strive to protect the jobs of those employed by them.

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