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Want To Know What Really Happened In Court About Obamacare and Enjoy It At The Same Time.

Here is the best interpretation and explanation of what happened in the DC and the Richmond Court of Appeals yesterday.

It is actually pretty entertaining.

Running Against Obamacare May Not Be So Easy

This is from the Huffington Post:
"WASHINGTON -- The former chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party will save $1,000 a month in premiums for his family's health care package after signing up for a new policy through the Obamacare exchange.

But Fergus Cullen said the savings aren't enough to turn him into a supporter of the new health care law. He said he anticipates higher out-of-pocket costs with his new Anthem-administered plan, and he's frustrated by what he sees as a lack of information about coverage options. His old plan, which was pricey but covered what he needed, was cancelled by his insurer because it didn't meet Obamacare regulations.

"Fundamentally, the plan I wanted to buy is one that gives me catastrophic coverage for my family and lets me self-insure for everything else," Cullen said in a phone interview with The Huffington Post.

Families USA Conference: Health Action 2014

Health Action 2014: Making the Promise Real
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Health Action 2014 starts in just 3 days! You still have time to register, but if you can’t make it, you can watch the plenary sessions online and follow on Facebook and on Twitter (@familiesusa) for real time updates.

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Families USA Invites You to Health Action 2014: Making the Promise Real

Please join us Thursday, January 23 through Saturday, January 25, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, for Health Action 2014.

Health Care Website

To all those Republicans who are criticizing the Obamacare website, ask them how their website is going? How many people are getting on it and how many are able to sign up for healthcare?

This awful Obamacare

To those who are flipping out about the news stories of citizens losing their health care via having their plans cancelled by an insurance company, here is some good news. I went back to just now and got some prices on some actual plans.

  • A family poilicy for one adult and two children with an annual income of $27,600 per year would get the following prices: Annual Premium $12,725 Annual Credit $12,173 Total Out Of Pocket $552 (annually)
  • For the same family with an annual income of $32,600 the numbers are as follows: Annual Premium $12,725 Annual Credit $11,631 Total Out of Pocket $1,094 (annually)

Moral Monday - Burnsville, NC GREAT success

The first rural Moral Monday completely filled the Burnsville Town Square. An estimated count of 300-500 folks showed up. The weather cooperated. We were dry for the entire 2 hrs. WLOS was there along with Jon Lee. Many participants were interviewed.

The emphasis, from each speaker, explained the effects of the the current budget and new laws on education, voting and health care. Each speaker demonstrated how they have been affected and the effects on the local residents.

Tim Tyson reminded us that the NCAAP not a black organization but one developed in conjunction with whites to expand peace and justice amongst all of our citizens. He encouraged us to continue our efforts at this grass roots level form of democracy.

The meetup ended with a revised chorus to a famous Woody Guthrie song.

This State is your State, this State is My State
From the Hardwood Forest to the rolling Ocean
from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the barrier Islands

Rural Moral Monday: Burnsville, NC

Moral Monday in Burnsville (Yancey Co., NC)

The first rural ‘Moral Monday’ gathering will take place on Aug 19th at 5:30 PM on the Town Square of Burnsville, NC. Burnsville is located 30 miles N of Asheville, NC.

The emphasis will be on the issues that effect rural residents. Three local speakers will relate to education, voting rights and health care. Our special speaker will be Ken Tyson. He is the author of Blood Done Signed My Name. His books have won numerous awards, two have been adapted as films, and one as a play. He is the Historian for the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP.

We hope that you will support our effort to get out the word. If you can not be here in body, please be here in spirit and help spread the word.

Why we are Democrats, the Progressives in America

Pigeon-holing is something we Americans love to do. It’s almost cultural for us and in our political realm it is pervasive to say the least. We seem to have this very strong need to categorize everyone into a group which we then give a name to. In political terms we are fond of using “Liberal and Conservative” as pigeonholes to separate many varied schools of thought into two categories. I guess it makes it simple.

Moral Monday #6: 84 arrested; 388 arrests so far

Hundreds of supporters crowded the third-story balcony above the 84 participants in civil disobedience plus media covering the prohibited peaceful gathering at the NCGA on June 10, 2013.

The start to yesterday's Moral Monday at the N.C. General Assembly in Raleigh was delayed a bit because of tornado warnings and a sudden spate of harsh weather, but pouring rain didn't dampen the spirits of the many hundreds of protesters who gathered at the Halifax Mall behind the General Assembly building to speak out against the raft of odious bills being pushed through the state legislature by the Republican supermajority.

The total number of arrests in six waves of what the NAACP-North Carolina has dubbed "Moral Monday" was brought to 388 by the 84 people (myself and a couple other Kossacks, including the fantastic joank, who was also celebrating her birthday through civil disobedience) who entered the General Assembly to sing songs of resistance, to pray in front of the doors of the second-story N.C. House chambers, and to hold up protest signs (which are prohibited in the building) and refusing to disperse. Click here for the News & Observer's photos of the arrests.

Kim Yaman is arrested for civil disobedience for peacefully assembling with others at the N.C. General Assembly on June 10, 2013. Photo by News&Observer.

This week, however, an 85th arrest was made: Charlotte Observer religion reporter Tim Funk was handcuffed and detained by G.A. and Raleigh police officers for "failure for disperse." Funk was visibly wearing media credentials and was interviewing Charlotte-area clergy attending the protest and arrests.

We saw Funk amongst us, along with other journalists, and he was clearly taking notes in a notebook, interviewing clergy, not singing or praying, carrying no signs, and holding up his media credentials and explaining his role to the G.A. police officers when they made the dispersal announcements. Those of us near him also explained to officers that Funk was not a green armband (designating civil-disobedience participants) and was not among our group. Nonetheless,

Funk, who was wearing Charlotte Observer identification, was handcuffed and taken along with the arrested protesters to the Wake County magistrate’s office to be arraigned on misdemeanor charges of trespassing and failure to disperse.

Jeff Weaver, police chief for the General Assembly Police in Raleigh who oversaw the arrests, told The Associated Press that Funk did not heed a warning from officers to disperse before the arrests began.

Funk was taken to the Wake County Detention Center with the 84 civil disobedience arrestees and processed for charges, then released around 11 p.m. with the fourth busload of arrestees.

Health insurance coverage for a half-million North Carolinians

It's beyond lunacy, but it's in the process of happening. The NC General Assembly (our esteemed legislature), under GOP domination, is about to approve legislation denying health insurance coverage to 500,000 North Carolina citizens.

Not only would NC taxpayers NOT be charged extra for this coverage, but it would bring in a half-BILLION federal dollars to the NC economy in 2014 alone. Hospitals, especially rural ones in the toughest economic status, are desperate for this help.

So: Humanitarianism, check; economic rationality, check. But not Ideologically Correct for the radical right ideologues who currently drive state policy.

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