Despite cold, 5,000 turnout for Moral March

Defending Democracy is not a fair-weather sporting event:

Barber criticized Sen. Bob Rucho and Rep. David Lewis – the Republicans leading redistricting efforts – for saying the court is creating “chaos” in this year’s elections because it ruled after absentee voting began.

“What threw the state into chaos was those racist maps you drew in 2010,” Barber said. “I want to suggest to the General Assembly that they need to repent. Don’t blame the court, blame yourselves.”

Aside from the racial aspects of the GOP packing more African-American voters into their already safe majority-minority districts, there is still the question of suborning the will of the voters. In 2014, Dem Congressional candidates garnered 44% of the vote (it would have been higher if not for allowing Pittenger to waltz back into office), but they only received 23% of the seats. Let that sink in. Under Dem redistricting, Republicans seats won and total vote count were not far removed from each other. And as such, the voters were much better represented. But when you have the appetite for power the GOP has, those considerations no longer matter.

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