Skip Stam's bigotry goes over the top -- again

During debate over an amendment to protect LGBT students in charter schools, North Carolina's bigot-in-chief Skip Stam decided he would embarrass himself, the general assembly and our state:

During debate, Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam (R-Wake) took objection to the addition of "sexual orientation" as a protected class for students, stating that "pedophila" and "masochism" are one of 30 sexual ” orientations” he claimed exist. Stam went on to circulate a misleading handout to fellow House members on "What is Sexual Orientation?"

Rep. Tricia Cotham tweeted a copy of Skip's horrible handout that claims 30 "sexual orientations" such as arousal by feces. No kidding

Public funds for traumatizing gay teens

Rolling Stone has a heartbreaking article that looks at private religious schools that tramautize gay teens.

Young LGBTQs, struggling with the sexuality or knowing full well that they're gay and sent to strict religious schools by extremist religious parents, face abuse and harrassment.

Many Christian schools in Georgia and across the nation have similar policies, sometimes explicitly written into a pledge that students or their parents must sign when they enroll. At certain schools, a student need not even engage in acts of sexual "impurity"; simply identifying as gay or acting in support of a gay friend can lead to dismissal.

And state tax dollars pay for it.

Prop 8 and DOMA: The "separate but equal" of gay rights law

Recently, one morning on my way to work, I heard something on the radio that really drove home to me what's wrong with North Carolina.

I subscribe to satellite radio and enjoy hopping around the offerings there, just to hear some new music or get a different point of view. For a few weeks, I've been listening to KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, the top rated pop station in that city. In between the ads for weight loss formulas and age defying creams, this old fart could catch up on the music the "kids" are into nowadays.

Say NO to naming a federal building after Jesse Helms

PLEASE JOIN PROGRESS NORTH CAROLINA IN TELLING CONGRESS: DO NOT REWARD HATE SPEECH & INTOLERANCE. Please sign our petition rejecting a bill recently introduced by Congresswoman Renee Ellmers that seeks to name a federal building in Raleigh after Jesse Helms.

As anyone who lived in North Carolina before 2000 knows, for decades Jesse Helms embarassed our state by standing for antiquated, racist, outdated political views. He fought against equal rights, civil rights and women's rights while absolutely villifying gay Americans with his obsessive hompohobia. He opposed a federal holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. and once accused kids who got free lunches of double dipping in the welfare system and suggested their food stamps be cut to adjust. Click thru to learn more.

More proud moments for NC

According to RawStory, the KKK in Reidsville has scheduled a cross burning social event in that vicinity. You can listen to the local KKK idiot: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/05/22/kkk-invites-nc-residents-to-whites... . Have not seen one mention in the lamestream media. Want to bet they will ignore it.

Then there is that raving moron "preacher" in Catawba who wants to round up all the homosexuals and pen them with electric fences - till they die.

Has all of NC lost their blooming marbles, totally. As I put it in forwarding the KKK article, Timmy McVeigh has brothers and sisters in Reidsville. Wonder if the FBI, so busy with preemptive sting operations against protesters will list these KKK morons as potential terrorists - naw, theys just good ole boys.

Wonder what else will make us proud of NC further?


David Brooks describes Conservatism's paternalistic core

This week as David Brooks and Gail Collins discussed "Who Decided That This Election Should Be About Sex?" Brooks laid bare the core of the Conservative philosophy:

I do think it’s consistent to be economically libertarian and socially paternalistic. In fact I’d argue dynamic capitalism requires a stringent and coherent social order to help guard against its savageries — tight families to educate children, anti-materialist values to police rampant consumerism, a spiritual public square to mitigate the corrosive culture of greedy self-interest.

Free market beliefs and socially conservative beliefs require each other, so long as those socially conservative beliefs are traditional, not theological. I’m for traditional values, with government playing a small role to support them. I get worried when some politician begins trying to legislate his faith’s version of Natural Law.

This statement seems almost unintentionally revealing to me. Isn't it interesting to see what makes it into his statement of core values and what gets left out?

Director of Elections in Harnett County resigns because of GOTP Marriage Discrimination Amendment

An inspiring action from a dedicated public servant. Received via email.

On January 3, 2012 I resigned my position as Director of Elections for Harnett County, NC. I am extremely proud of the progress and accomplishments made to the voting procedures and polling places in Harnett County over the last eleven and a half years. I am especially proud that the Board of Election’s Office has always been operated in a fair, efficient and non-partisan manner during my tenure.

Unfortunately, recent actions of the North Carolina General Assembly made it impossible for me to continue as Director of Elections as speaking publicly about candidates or issues appearing on the ballot is prohibited. In September, the legislature passed a bill requiring a referendum be placed on the May, 2012 primary ballot defining marriage as a “union between a man and a woman”. I cannot and will not be a party to such actions.

The gayest of times, the worst of times

Cross-posted from Facing South article by Bob Moser, Texas Observer

Bobby Beltran was already having a blue Christmas. Because of his job, the 26-year-old was missing his tight-knit family's celebration back home in Brownsville for the first time. After work on Christmas night, to cheer himself up, Beltran joined some friends and co-workers at Rain, a gay bar in downtown Austin. He was accompanied by Chris Ortega, an Austin native who'd recently returned to Texas' supposed beacon of tolerance -- and had, only weeks before, come out to friends as gay.

Fetzer's new BFF

You have to admire Tom Fetzer's gumption. He'll stand in front of a room of grown adults and say whatever pops into his pretty little head, as he did on Saturday when he got all excited about his new BFF, New Bern Mayor Lee Bettis. (I suppose that makes them both switch hitters, but that's another story.)

My latest endorsement from the anti-gay movement

For those of you who aren't regular readers of my blog, you might want to see the quality of the radical right whackjobs who read my posts, then foam at the mouth at their blogs, usually as a drumbeat to do a bit of fundraising. People like Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality are full-time, "professionals" who spend day and night doing "research" on The Homosexual Agenda, funded by misguided followers and wingnut welfare. Below the fold, a taste of what I deal with on a regular basis.

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