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Chris Telesca announces run to fill an upcoming vacancy for 1st Vice Chair of the Wake County Democratic Party

My name is Chris Telesca, and I am currently a precinct Chair, SEC member, current District Coordinator and former House District Coordinator in the Wake County Democratic Party.

It's no secret that current 1st Vice Chair Lindy Brown is going to file to run for the NC House in what is already a contested primary. She announced she'll eventually resign at tonight's Wake Dems District Coordinator meeting. So I am hereby announcing my candidacy for 1st Vice Chair of the Wake County Democratic Party. I am asking for your vote whenever our county party schedules the election for that office. It might be in mid to late March, or it might not be until the April County Convention.

Some folks are concerned about Section 2.03 of the NCDP Plan of Organization. It requires the first vice chair must be of the opposite gender of the chair - except when filing a vacancy for an unexpired term. So my gender is not a problem.

Howard Dean on the stump for Elaine

Lifted from Daily Kos

This election cycle, you've heard from a lot of people about Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, Christine O'Donnell, and the parade of right-wing extremists seeking to change the very fundamentals of America. But you haven't heard enough about the incumbents -- those who share the values of Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, and tea party activists but are already in office.

That's why I want you to meet Senator Richard Burr (R-NC).

The Bennet Letter: Change We Can Believe in?

Monday, Feb.22nd,2010 - The White House and President Obama's announced Healthcare bill proved my worse fears - that there was never any intention by Democratic Leadership or the President to support the Public Option.
And along the way, the base of the party was once again strung along with glimmer of hope in the form of the 'Bennet letter.'
Today's Healthcare Bill not only signals an end to the Public Option, but the Bennet letter can only be characterized as the worst form of manipulation of the democratic voters by the White House.

Netroots Nation Pittsburgh update

Health care is front and center, but so is organizing.

Sen. Arlen Specter yesterday admitted to the assembled bloggers that the GOP had formally decided to try and destroy Obama before he even took office in January. He wasn’t betraying any confidences, he said - it was public knowledge – but so formal a decision was news to many in the crowd.

Dean for HHS?

As everyone knows by now Daschle is out over his tax issues. So the question becomes, who will head HHS and who will be the Heatlh Care Czar within the White House. Daschle had insisted on having both positions, but others may be a little more flexible.

There is a movement afoot to get Howard Dean as HHS Secretary. Its all over the netroots, with an exploding facebook group, 3 recommended diaries at mydd and 1 at dailykos yesterday afternoon. So, what do you think? Good idea or not? If not Dean then who would you like to see?

Howard Dean to Register Voters in NC Friday

In which we give you something to do tomorrow...and there's a celebrity involved...and you can meet him.

Yearly Kos Day One Wrap-Up

YKC Howard DeanDNC Chairman Howard Dean let loose a rip-roaring speech to close the program for Yearly Kos Day One, reminding everyone that this enormous grassroots phenomenon has made government accountable to the masses like never before. Dean compared the internet revolution with the invention of the printing press in its impact on political discourse and in shifting political power. He guaranteed that Democrats will keep "voting and voting and voting and voting" on Iraq withdrawal, though they know they don't have a veto-proof majority, Democrats are prepared to put Republicans on record again and again supporting Bush's failed strategy. Dean asked for help in encouraging Congress to pass H811, "to require a voter-verified permanent paper ballot".

His speech was the end of an eventful, inspiring, overwhelming day. McCormick Place is truly gigantonormous, and the convention is pretty well spread out among three main areas. I attended a workshop on "growing a culture of giving" (fundraising) online then met lots of amazing bloggers at a state/local workshop. The Michigan contingent, the gang from Calitics, Ruby from Orange Politics, and a whole lot more folks swapped ideas and stories. I got some good ideas regarding my Luke Hyde Watch.

Dean, Meek and the 50(100) State(County) Strategy

Dana Blankenhorn (of muses about the leftward shift in the Democratic party ("We're All Dean-ites Now") and, along the way, gives some love to lefty community sites, including this one:

Just as important to the success of the party has been the rise of state-based sites inspired by Kos and Jerome, such as Bluegrassreport in Kentucky and BlueNC in North Carolina. It is no coincidence that these are now the two bluest states in the South -- North Carolina went from being among the reddest in 2004 to among the bluest in 2006 as Jerry Meek employed a Dean-like program. (Meek even has a "100 county" strategy to match the DNC's "50 state" effort.)

Dana gives Dean a lot of credit, though. I tend to think that America's move to the left owes as much to George as it does to Howard, but I'll take it however I can get it. I'd be interested to hear other thoughts about Dana's take on the roles played by Dean on the one hand and the netroots on the other in shaping the Democratic victories of 2006 (and 2008 :) ).

Mathew Gross - Web Maven to John Edwards

In today's Greensboro News-Record is a nice profile of Mathew Gross, the internet guru for the John Edwards' campaign. Those of us who are refugees from Howard Dean's roller coaster quest of 2004 remember Mathew's efforts fondly. For many of us, if not most, our first substantial contact with the Howard Dean campaign came through the now legendary web presence that Mathew invented.

Back before Gov. Dean announced his high octane opposition to the war, and his intention to evict the "current occupant" from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Mathew was a riverboat guide in Moab, Utah. Equal parts outrage and irrational idealism caused him to drive 2,300 miles non-stop to the front door of Dean's campaign headquarters in Burlington, Vermont.

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