Skvarla to sue EPA

Yesterday, North Carolina's head of environmental destruction announced plans to challenge the EPA in court.

North Carolina likely will file suit next week against the Environmental Protection Agency, according to John Skvarla, the secretary of the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

It's clear that Queen Wos was catching too much flack for her incompetence, so now John Skvarla is stepping up to serve as McCrory's temporary sh|t screen. And he's doing one hell of a job. After criticizing the Southern Environmental Law Center for using the courts to protect the environment on the outer banks, could anything possibly be more ironic than this administration using the courts to destroy the environment in the rest of the state?

Jones Tweet: NC Education Lottery will end this year

CORNELIUS, NC - People hoping to strike it rich by winning the NC Education Lottery have less than 11 months before their luck runs out. That's according to an early morning Tweet by Republican Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis, who later confirmed his plan to end the controversial program on December 31, 2013.

An open letter to Pope McCrory

Dear Governor-elect McCrory,

Much has been made of the avalanche of job postings last week coming out of your transition team. A treasure trove indeed. But with all due respect, would you please explain why you're filling any of those positions?

Executive chef? Are you kiddin' me? Chief Deputy III? What the hell is that? Attorney? Really?

It's time to put up or shut up, sir. Cut spending and make state government smaller by NOT filling a single one of these advertised positions. Not now. Not ever. Because according to your rhetoric, these jobs are costing We the People millions of dollars and producing nothing of value. They are, after all, jobs that will be filled with public-sector slackers.

If you had a shred of integrity, you'd cancel every one of these postings and make do with less. You'd fix your own goddamn meals, just like millions of other North Carolinians do.

House candidate Jim Fulghum caught doing the chicken dance

Jim Fulghum, Republican candidate for NC House 49 in Wake County, has been caught red-handed with his hand in the taxpayers' cookie jar. What does it mean for this free-market worshipping, tax-cut-first-ask-questions-later, John Locke Foundation board member? It means he is a hypocrite.

In 2009, the Raleigh millionaire neurosurgeon received a $100,000 government bailout for his chicken farm in Chatham County. According to the NC Dep. of Agriculture, Fulghum's Deep River Farm received a $100,000 bailout through the Poultry Loss Contract Grant Assistance Program when its live poultry dealer, Pilgrim's Pride, went bankrupt.

On letting the uninsured die

A comment on a story at TPM:

I'm sure Rick Perry was taken aback. It is one thing to endorse the wholesale state sponsored killing of murderers. It's quite another to realize the political movement you have aligned yourself with doesn't believe that the uninsured have any right to life, of course with the exception of the unborn. Which brings up a question for this bunch of blood thirsty cheer leaders of death. If an unborn fetus has a right to life, but is born with a medical condition requiring life saving treatment, to a parent with no access to health insurance, do you allow that child to die?

(expletive deleted)

The eighth circle of hell in North Carolina politics

If Dante were alive today, he'd be laughing his ass off at the Divine Comedy of North Carolina politics, otherwise known as the eighth circle of hell.

As you may remember from high school, this special circle punishes sins involving fraud, with a hearty shout-out to (1) corrupt politicians immersed in a lake of boiling pitch, and (2) hypocrites who slog the circle, burdened by heavy lead cloaks of deception. In North Carolina politics, both are alive and well.

On the corruption side, Democrats have long held top honors with a record of greed that should be embarrassing to anyone claiming party membership. The list of known offenses is too long to recount, and I am proud to say that progressives remain at the forefront in the push for ethics and transparency. On the hypocrisy side, today's Republicans have no equal. Jane Pinsky makes the point well at NC Policy Watch.

NC to abolish all taxes, shift to voluntary contributions to fund government services

“In every other aspect of our lives, there’s opportunities for people to donate - except this one,” Folwell said. “It empowers people. It pushes the power away from this town, and back down to the people who truly feel the urge that, if they’re not taxed enough, that they can donate more.”

Does that mean we can "donate" less when we don't like where our money is going? Can we unfund the circus known as the North Carolina General Assembly? Give us that option, Mr. Folwell, and you'll find yourself out of a job in two seconds flat. Fucking hypocrite.

What legislator said this last month? "To me, the constitution gives you rights.”

Senator Ellie Kinniard (D-Orange); former Mayor of Carrboro
25% (2 votes)
Representative Marcus Brandon (D-Guilford); first openly gay member of NC House
25% (2 votes)
Senator Richard Stevens (R-Wake); a rare Republican that did not sponsor the Does-Nothing-About-Divorce amendment last session
25% (2 votes)
Representative Stephen LaRoque (R-Lenoir); House Rules Co-Chairman and co-sponsor of the Does-Nothing-About-Divorce amendment
13% (1 vote)
Representative Mitchell Setzer (R-Catawba); often an early co-sponsor of the Does-Nothing-About-Divorce amendment
13% (1 vote)
Total votes: 8
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