Say NO to naming a federal building after Jesse Helms

PLEASE JOIN PROGRESS NORTH CAROLINA IN TELLING CONGRESS: DO NOT REWARD HATE SPEECH & INTOLERANCE. Please sign our petition rejecting a bill recently introduced by Congresswoman Renee Ellmers that seeks to name a federal building in Raleigh after Jesse Helms.

As anyone who lived in North Carolina before 2000 knows, for decades Jesse Helms embarassed our state by standing for antiquated, racist, outdated political views. He fought against equal rights, civil rights and women's rights while absolutely villifying gay Americans with his obsessive hompohobia. He opposed a federal holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. and once accused kids who got free lunches of double dipping in the welfare system and suggested their food stamps be cut to adjust. Click thru to learn more.

Republicans wanting to lower taxes for the rich stall deficit talks

Maybe it's just me, but this seems the absolute height of insanity: NPR reported this morning that the Super Committee talks to come up with budget deficit solutions have come up with zilch because conservative lawmakers are insisting Democrats agree to tax code changes that would lower taxes on millionaires even more as part of any compromise. Given the Occupy movement and the growing discontent of Americans over this exact situation, I am speechless that they would be so stupid as to take a stand on this. Read more here:

Latest version of Voter ID bill says some people can't get a Voter ID

What fresh idiocy is this?

From the latest version of the "Voter ID" bill:

(b) No registered voter shall be eligible for a North Carolina voter identification card if that registered voter has a valid unexpired drivers license, learner's permit, provisional license, or a special identification card for nonoperators issued under G.S. 20-37.7.

So, these idiots are going to require people to have a photo ID to vote, and then bar people from getting a voter ID.

Participating in National Opt-Out Day? Know Your Rights!

The folks at Firedoglake have a document about Opting Out of the Porno Scanners your government is busily wasting money on.

The idea of an Opt-Out day has been picking up steam, and many airline passengers will be refusing to submit to the TSA’s whole body imaging scanners on Wednesday, November 24. But in the wake of conflicting messages coming out of the TSA, travelers are going to be confused about what to expect at TSA security checkpoints. So FDL has put together a handy flier about the scanners and the “enhanced” patdown procedures, which explains your risks and rights in the airport:

I'd also consider telling the TSA that you're bisexual when you opt-out so they won't know whether to have a man or woman pat you down.

On Homeland Security, Or, We Visit A Terrorist Gathering Place

I can’t give away too many details, for security reasons, but I can tell you that this particular distribution center is located about three miles from the Boeing Company’s Renton, Washington, manufacturing site. (The assembly lines for the 737 family of aircraft and the US Navy’s P-8A Poseidon antisubmarine patrol aircraft are all located on the property.)

Off to the southwest of the Boeing plant are dozens of nondescript commercial buildings, all one or two stories tall—including some that store, produce, or process components and subassemblies that will eventually make their way over to that Boeing plant.

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