Jeanette Doran

Art Pope candidate forces runoff in non-partisan Supreme Court race against Dem on Court

The News and Observer reports on a surprise for the May primaries. State Supreme Court Justice Robin Hudson - one of only two Democrats on the state's highest court - thought she was only going to have one challenger for her seat.

One of only two Democrats on the seven-member court, Hudson assumed she would be facing a general challenge in the fall from Mecklenburg County Superior Court Judge Eric Levinson, a Republican. But near the end of the filing period, a second opponent emerged, Jeanette Doran.

“She came out of nowhere,” Hudson said.

Art Pope appoints unemployment review board members, via DAG McCrory

After months of foot-dragging, complete with complaints from legislators that DAG McCrony wasn't doing his job, Art Pope Pat McCrory finally appointed 3 members of the unemployment review board.

The chairwoman will be attorney Jeanette Doran, who worked for years at the North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law. Other members are former Greensboro Mayor Keith Holliday and ex-Charlotte council member Stanley Campbell.

In case you're wondering whether the North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law is one of Art Pope's tentacles, and whether Jeanette Doran is one of Art Pope's puppets, the answer is (SURPRISE!) yes.

NC Institute for Constitutional Law stands behind the GOTP assault

"I don't see a constitutional violation, I think that there's a lot of disappointment from those who opposed the bill last night, but disappointment doesn't equal unconstitutionality,” said Jeanette Doran with the NCICL.

With Art Pope's hand firmly on her fancy leash, Ms. Doran is paid not to see a constitutional violation when it serves the Puppymaster's agenda. How could it be otherwise?

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