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MEC Chair Jim Womack: My Opponents Are Whiny "Libtards"

NC Mining and Energy Commission Chair Jim Womack recently called his opponents "whiney [sic] libtards" during an exchange in the comments section of The Sanford Herald. As shown in this entry on The Rant, a Lee County blog, Womack has a long history of aggressive and questionable comments online. An Independent Weekly article recently showed that Womack ran an anonymous blog while he was a sitting county commissioner, and the Sanford Herald ran an article about a Womack email suggesting running the Lee County manager over with a tank.

From Sanford With Love

UPDATE: While the blogging goes on, it seems some of the more inflammatory posts are disappearing. Usually when you think you're untouchable, that's when you're not.


In this week's edition of the Independent, Billy Ball pulls back the curtain on Jim Womack, a sitting Lee County commissioner from Sanford who chairs the North Carolina Mining and Energy (Fracking) Commission.

Womack founded and for the past two-plus years has operated a vicious, spiteful, and above all unethical anonymous blog in Lee County. He and the other authors use the names of American Founding Fathers as cover. Ball calls it "the worst kept secret in Lee County."

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