It's the wages, stupid

Gene Nichol nails it again.

Writing on chronic poverty in North Carolina, where it was recently revealed that four of the ten cities in all of American with the worst poverty increases are in (SURPRISE!) North Carolina.

Standard & Poor’s piled on last week, concluding that the gap between rich and poor in the U.S. has become so extreme it’s damaging the entire economy. S&P declared such intense disparity markedly hampers economic growth and has slowed our anemic recovery. And that’s Standard & Poor’s, not The Nation magazine. North Carolina has among the worst economic inequality rates in the country. Over the last three decades, the top 1 percent of Tar Heels saw their incomes grow by 98.4 percent, while the bottom 99 percent inched up only 9 percent.

NC GOP lie machine cranks up after dismal jobs report

The NC February employment report is out and it's not good.

North Carolina's unemployment rate fell again in February, but employers in the state continued to shed jobs, according to data released Friday by the state Department of Commerce.

A survey calculating nonfarm payrolls recorded 11,300 fewer jobs in the month after a decline of more than 7,000 jobs in January.

As usual, the NC GOP lie machine latches on to a decreased unemployment rate and ignores the very real job losses, claiming good news when the news is clearly bad.

Help wanted at NC DHHS

I was on LinkedIn and a couple of job openings popped up. Interesting in that both are for jobs at NC DHHS and both are for top level executive jobs. First is for Ricky Diaz's job of Director of Communications, so not very surprised at that. The other is for Director of Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Both report to the Secretary Aldona Vos. Guess they are at least doing a job search for jobs like Ricky's now. That is progress, right?


Prevaricating Pat called out on more employment lies

The Raleigh News & Observer observes the news that Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory continues his outright lies about the employment situation in our state, which is pretty dismal. Despite clear data that shows that 2013 was a poor year for employment and job growth, Prevaricating Pat toots the horn that "more North Carolinians are collecting a paycheck", and it's because of the NC GOP's tax policies. Both claims are demonstrably false, as the article unequivocally shows.

But perhaps the most nauseating lie Pat tells in this story is the one about how punishing unemployed people somehow helped the state's employment situation:

Gov. McScrooge has stolen Christmas

Gov McScrooge and his equally scroogy spokesman have messed up Christmas for thousands of North Carolinians. This statement was issued by the Gov's spokesman, Rick Martinez, following last night's very successful Moral Monday march in Raleigh. (emphasis is mine)

“We are fortunate that Governor McCrory chose not to expand Obamacare given how disastrous the rollout has been. Instead, Governor McCrory is working to strengthen the economy so more North Carolinians can earn a paycheck instead of hoping for a government check. If you disagree with that concept, then you are going to disagree with most of the entrepreneurial innovations Governor McCrory has and will continue to implement to get more North Carolinians back to work.”

Pat left out one little detail

Pat trumpets a (welcome) groundbreaking for a (welcome) announcement of a significant number of actual, real, high-paying, new jobs (unlike his other attempts to tout jobs, most of which are small in number, not actual, not real, not high-paying or not new):

This one is a genuine accomplishment.

The little detail that Pat omitted is that it's Bev Perdue's accomplishment.

Rip Van Winkle found dazed and confused in Gaston County North Carolina after a 20 year long nap

As you may already know, one of North Carolina’s many nick names is “The Rip Van Winkle” state. “In 1819, Washington Irving published his short story “Rip Van Winkle,” in which the character of Rip Van Winkle goes off into the mountains and falls asleep for twenty years — missing the American Revolution and all of the changes it brought. Many North Carolinians were beginning to feel that time was passing their state by just as it had Rip Van Winkle. The state’s leaders were committed to a small government and an agricultural economy. But with poor transportation, no public education, and little economic opportunity, thousands of North Carolinians left the state each year seeking a brighter future elsewhere. “(An excerpt from the on-line education site, Learn NC.).

May Day in Raleigh

Earlier this week a lot of good people got arrested trying to protest the insanity that is happening at the General Assembly. If that inspired you to make your presence and your opposition to these attacks on voting rights and on the people of North Carolina known, then check out this event.

3 pm: Welcome and Teach-ins (Moore Square, Raleigh, NC)
4 pm: Sidewalk march steps off (Moore Square going to Halifax Mall with stops along the way)
5-5:30 pm: Arrive at NC Legislature
5:30-8 pm: Rally, speak-outs, music, and more!! (Halifax Mall, Raleigh, NC)

The NC GOP Jobs Plan

The NC GOP jobs plan has been outlined in the first two days of the new legislative session. Cut spending on any program that benefits the poor, mentally ill, or the elderly. Oppose health care reform by any means necessary, provide welfare for the wealthy and corporations by eliminating their tax burden and transferring it to the poor and middle class. End public education and sustain high unemployment,and make the state's economy less competitive.
The entire NC GOP is working from the same basic idea, which is to privatize the common wealth and natural resources of the state.


Breaking: McCrory to shutter NC law schools

CHAPEL HILL, NC - Deputy Assistant Governor Pat McCrory today took his attacks on public education to a new low, insisting that there is no longer a need for law schools in North Carolina universities.

"According to the New York Times, a flaming liberal newspaper, law school graduates can't find jobs. As a result, enrollment is sliding downhill faster than Tom Tillis' beer belly," McCrory told reporters this morning. "The fact is, hard-earned taxpayer dollars should not be going to support a bunch of pansy-assed lawyers whose profession in decline. I have directed my staff to eliminate all funding for legal education in public colleges."


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