Julia Howard

Folwell accuses Howard of angling for Board position

And it's a well-paid position at that:

Howard charged that remarks Folwell made during the session were “very disrespectful” to the committee. Folwell contended Howard was angling to get herself appointed to the Board of Review. Howard denied the accusation.

Folwell said of his "bullied" comment that Howard "has constantly told me that I got this job because of her" and that the Board of Review issue "continually comes up." Howard "continues to try to get herself appointed to the best part-time job in North Carolina's history," Folwell said of the Board of Review. "It pays $120,000 a year."

Not for nothing, but does anybody else see a huge conflict of interest here? Not with the patronage thing, which is a problem unto itself. But with three people pulling down such a sweet salary who also decide if somebody else (the unemployed worker) is deserving of monetary help. The conflict: if Board members rule in favor of too many of those workers, somebody else might take their place on the gravy train. And as far as denials go:

NC GOP just can't wait to screw over jobless

Making sure the crisis is redirected at the unemployed:

"We have a bill drafted, ready to roll. The federal extended benefits stopped on Dec. 29. We tied everything on that assumption. We didn’t know they were going to extend the benefits a year," Howard said. Asked what she would say to jobless workers whose federal checks will stop July 1, Howard said, "I'd tell them they got 26 more weeks."

This is the kind of service people get from allowing her ass to warm that seat for a quarter-of-a-fucking-century. The sense of urgency is not to help people who are in a crisis, it's to help business avoid paying a tax they've been avoiding for almost two decades. Disgusting doesn't even come close to describing it.

Julia Howard wants to replace Stam in leading the NC war on women

Don't hold your breath, honey. You won't get a top spot in the GOP boys club without submitting your private parts to invasive ultrasound.

A contest is emerging for the No. 2 spot in the N.C. House. Rep. Julia Howard, a 12-term veteran and committee chairwoman, said she would challenge House GOP leader Paul "Skip" Stam for the speaker pro tem job.

Howard cited her previous leadership experience as majority whip and she would use the position to help orient the large incoming freshman class. "I have no agenda," the Mocksville Republican said.

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