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You are invited to Carteret County Young Dem's Summer Rally with Kay Hagan

August 7 is the day to head to Morehead City for the Carteret County Young Dems and 3rd Congressional District Summer Rally and Picnic in the Park featuring Senator Kay Hagan and a whole slate of elected officials and candidates. Enjoy music by the Last Chance Wrangler's Band, mingle with friends and rub elbows with North Carolina's political elite...just kidding here. Seriously, Morehead City is beautiful this time of year and this is a great way to end your summer.

You can see the Facebook event here. The rally and picnic are free, but you can always donate to the Carteret County Young Dems, NCDP 3rd Congressional District, Carteret County Democratic Party, or your favorite candidate as a show of appreciation.

From the event page:

Thom Tillis moves into first place for "lie of the year"

Republicans love to call Obama's statement about keeping your insurance under the ACA the "lie of the year". Of course it's not even a lie, because the ACA was adapted to ensure that people could keep their really shitty plans for a few years if that's what they needed to do to prove that they hate, hate, hate Obama.

Thom Tillis, who thinks that Kay Hagan and Barack Obama are the same person, loves to talk about Senator Hagan repeating the so-called "lie of the year".

But Thom, who's a consummate liar himself, has just moved into first place. Heck, he's probably cinched "Lie of the Decade". Discussing the NC budget debacle, during which he's shown himself to be ineffective and inconsequential (on those occasions when he bothers to show up), here's Thom lying through his teeth:

Tillis & NCGA approval ratings underwater

The latest PPP poll headlines are about Kay Hagan having a lead over Thom Tillis in the US Senate race. Expect that to fluctuate.

Some of the other results beyond that headline are quite interesting:

The poll found 18 percent of voters approve of the job the N.C. General Assembly is doing, while 54 percent disapprove.

That's right, for every five people you meet on the street, only one of them approves of what the NCGA is doing. That's abysmal. For the most part, that same one person out of five thinks "Big-Boy Pants" Thom is doing a good job.

Tillis, the Republican House Speaker, had a favorability rating of 23 percent, while 45 percent of voters rated him unfavorably.

Thom Tillis the joke

I was getting ready to write about Thom Tillis' ridiculous response to Kay Hagan on the subject of campaign debates. Fortunately, Thomas Mills beat me to it at Politics NC.

Last week, Kay Hagan responded to an offer by the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters to host a debate by accepting their proposal and urging Thom Tillis to do so, too. In her letter, she encouraged Tillis and his campaign to agree to a debate schedule “worthy of the people of our great state.”

So what did Tillis do? He called for ten debates. That’s right – ten. What an ass. Hagan made a decent proposal and he fires back with sophomoric one-upmanship.

11 other things you should know about Thom Tillis

On May 6th, when voters were turning out for primaries here in NC, the Washington Post published a fluff piece about Thom Tillis, full of little "factoids" to help DC insiders have some conversation starters at cocktail parties about an eventual (possible) new face in town.

A few of the fascinating things we learned from the Post's listicle:

He sends messages with lollipops. Tillis would keep a mug full of Dum Dum lollipops on his desk. If he thought an idea was, well, less than brilliant, he would reward its author with a sweet treat that sent a less-than-subtle message.

Doesn't that sound like Reagan's jellybean fetish in a more twisted, Machiavellian sort of way?

Tillis likes the outdoors. He’s an avid water skier and mountain biker.

Why is Tillis running scared? Because “Every [Republican] candidate has a fringe agenda."

An interesting article in the Washington Post this morning concerning Thom Tillis' harping, bitching, moaning and groaning over Kay Hagan meddling in his primary.

Why the NC GOP is stifling the college vote

Keeping young voters away from the polls is a winning strategy for Republicans:

The state is divided between older, culturally Southern and conservative voters, and younger, more diverse and more liberal voters, especially around the Research Triangle and Charlotte. In presidential elections, those two groups fight nearly to a draw. In midterm elections, when older voters turn out at much higher rates than younger ones, the Republicans have a big advantage.

When young voters stay home, the state reverts to its Republican past and the more conservative bent of the South. And judging from the last midterm election, the plunge in youth turnout could be huge. Eighteen- to 25-year-olds accounted for a mere 3.9 percent of voters in 2010, down from 10.4 percent of voters in 2008, according to the secretary of state’s office. Older voters jumped from 17.5 to 26.1 percent of those turning out.

One would think the Republicans' recent attacks on college voters would "wake them up" to the importance of mid-term election participation, and maybe make them angry enough to push their friends into voting also. But it's plain (to me, anyway) the Democratic "brand" is not strong enough to encourage that. In the absence of a hot issue or wildly popular candidate, young voters will probably stay home again this year.

Democratic primary alternatives to oligarch-servant Hagan

There are two alternatives to Kay Hagan in the Democratic primary.

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