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On whose altar?

Kirk Ross cuts to the trickle-down chase.

If you unpack the idea that these cuts are necessary in order to encourage the job creators to turn around the economy, it follows that those suffering while we wait for the turnaround are being sacrificed.


North Carolina's growing child poverty gets national attention

Just the kind of news that will attract businesses with knowledge workers in the future? Kirk Ross has a concise summary with good links and documentation here.

Some dismal news from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which released a report on child heath and well-being in the states. North Carolina ranks 35th with one in four children in the state living in poverty. Though there were several improvements listed, including higher graduation rates and improvements in early childhood programs, the overall report, which tracks 16 different factors, underlined the challenges now and the impact new policies that reduce funding for education and reduce unemployment benefits and tax breaks for low income families will have in the coming years. The state dropped one position overall, but fell to 39th in economic-well being.

Holy mackerel

Words of wisdom from our friend, Kirk Ross.

The 2013 session has proved a near endless mill of demagoguery, churning out bill after bill with triumphant titles sprinkled with words like "freedom" and "fairness" while the lines below sow the opposite.

It is tempting to use the more preposterous measures for talking points or to gin up outrage, but as Lewis suggested it might be better to concentrate on the ones more likely to clear both chambers and be signed by the governor. There's no shortage of preposterous ideas in that batch as well. The only difference is that one day they'll be law.

The Carolina Mercury

A new website discovered on a Facebook post by Kirk Ross, who is always up to something interesting. Worth bookmarking for sure.

Kirk, don't be surprised if Titan Cement comes after you for trademark infringement.

Would you like some clean water with your regulatory reform?

The GOP's formula for undermining the effectiveness of government appears to be working.

... while the Legislature has increased the amount of paperwork, studies and staff time required to write new rules, it's also continued to slice away at the budgets for DENR and other agencies.

Dear Emily

The coast on the rocks

If you've been feeling anxious about the North Carolina coast in recent years, get ready to dial up your Prozac prescription. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Kirk Ross has the analysis at Indy Week.

A dream on the rocks

From Kirk Ross, publisher of the Carrboro Citizen

The odd waking dream in which many of us find ourselves continues unabated. On any given night, the idiot box lives up to its nickname, giving a megaphone to folks who on a regular basis compare various politicians to either Hitler, Stalin or both. Elsewhere in television-land, highly scripted “reality” shows have folks mesmerized.

The temptation is to shrug and ignore it all. But these are symptoms – clues, perhaps – of how upside-down we’ve become and how astoundingly-unchallenged a culture we’ve allowed to flourish.

Go read the rest of this inspiring column.

Woe Is Me

Paul O'Connor wrote Sunday in the Winston-Salem Journal about how "Politicians work hard to control the message", in an article about

...moves made by state officials to reduce press access and manipulate coverage.

When you click in the Printer-Friendly version of his story you get this message at the footer:

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