Economist-for-hire Arthur Laffer

Economist-for-hire Arthur Laffer - the man behind the General Assembly's plan to eliminate the personal & corporate income taxes - headlined an event in Raleigh last night with members of the American Legislative Exchange Council. Under the Dome did a piece on the event that's worth the read.

Let's make 2013 the year we start to #RebuildNC

TWO THOUSAND TWELVE was a difficult year for public investments in North Carolina. We saw even more cuts to vital services on which the entire state depends, and the inadequate funding so many of our schools and other public structures have suffered through since the start of the Great Recession has become the new baseline by which some NC lawmakers will judge future spending decisions.

Supply-Side Keynesianism

Doesn't it seem important that we come to some agreement on limiting the growth of overall spending in the federal government and eliminate and/or reduce outlays in every single program in a $3.6 trillion annual budget?

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