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Republicans screw up charter school laws even more

Privatization going off the rails:

And when you're doing something really unwise, cutting off the debate is SOP:

Skip Stam's bigotry goes over the top -- again

During debate over an amendment to protect LGBT students in charter schools, North Carolina's bigot-in-chief Skip Stam decided he would embarrass himself, the general assembly and our state:

During debate, Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam (R-Wake) took objection to the addition of "sexual orientation" as a protected class for students, stating that "pedophila" and "masochism" are one of 30 sexual ” orientations” he claimed exist. Stam went on to circulate a misleading handout to fellow House members on "What is Sexual Orientation?"

Rep. Tricia Cotham tweeted a copy of Skip's horrible handout that claims 30 "sexual orientations" such as arousal by feces. No kidding

Conspiracy to commit murder abroad

Our State Department should have been all over this. When an American citizen goes to a foreign country and lobbies to have a segment of their population subjected to such violent and inhumane treatment, that citizen should be liable under our laws. Disgusting:

Woody White: firing someone because they are gay is not unjustified

And throwing them in jail isn't either:

"Homosexuals are not suffering from injustice or inequality," White said in 1993. "The right of individuals to believe the gay lifestyle thought to be immoral and to manifest this belief by terminating the employment of gays must not be mistaken for unjustified discrimination. It is not wrong to uphold the belief that homosexual behavior is immoral."

During White's testimony, a state senator asked him, "Do you think homosexuality should be made a crime? Should homosexuals be treated as criminals in other words?" After explaining that he thought the issue should be up to each state, White said, "I come from a state in the South where it is still a crime to engage in sodomy. I would, as a personal choice, I would say, yes."

When asked about this testimony, White gave a couple of standard Republican responses: a) brought up how young he was at the time, and b) attacked his Primary opponent for digging up his dirt. But not once did he even imply that he no longer held those bigoted and crassly un-American beliefs. And the really sad part is, he'll probably pick up a few points for it.

The gay brain drain

One of the more conservative national publications has tackled a gay rights issue in an op-ed today - the "brain drain" of gays in states with laws that discriminate against LGBTs.

The piece highlights a report by the Michigan Civil Rights Commission on the economic impact of that state's laws barring domestic partnership benefits for same sex partners.

In a section of the report titled, "Discrimination Impacts the Economy," the commissioners found, "People are leaving the state … and seeking out jobs with employers that have policies and environments inclusive of and favorable toward LGBT employees."

DAG McCrory picks another winner

Winner of the "worst person for the job", that is:

A. L. "Buddy" Collins is an attorney and a longtime member of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board of Education. He has clashed with the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) over the years surrounding the group's efforts to stop bullying on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

And just as the top-down bigotry at the school board snowballed and had a terrible impact on LGBT students who were supposed to be "under their care", moving this bigot up to the state level could have a similar effect from the coast to the mountains:

A gay American’s response to the President’s inaugural address

Dear President Obama:

I write to you today not as a Democrat, nor as the Chair of the Gaston County Democratic party, but I write to you as a proud man and Gay American.

LGBT Forum - Tuesday, August 21st, 7:00pm in Charlotte at Fox & Hound Uptown (330 N Tryon St. Charlotte, NC)

Just got word of this. It is being hosted by the Libertarian Party of Mecklenburg County and has a really impressive list of panelists:

Charlotte, NC – On Tuesday August 21st, in honor of Pride Week, LPMeck will hold a forum addressing LGBT issues in North Carolina. A special guest panel has been invited to weigh in on these issues and hold an open discussion on the current political landscape in North Carolina and how it relates to members of the LGBT community.

The event will begin at 7:00pm in the upstairs banquet room at Fox & Hound uptown. The discussion will be moderated by LPMeck Chairman, Tim Doran.

Disheartening numbers on Amendment One

Analysis of PPP Polling numbers by Seth Effron:

Based on early voting turnout and polling results from Public Policy Polling, those opposing Amendment One have an uphill battle today – mostly because of the astonishingly near unanimous support of the amendment from Republicans. The facts -- there were 260,068 Democratic Party ballots cast in early voting (including registered Democrats and unaffiliateds who cast Democratic Party ballots) and 209,656 Republican Party ballots cast (including registered Republicans and unaffiliateds who cast GOP ballots). Public Policy Polling said 40 percent of the Democrats would vote FOR the amendment and 53 percent would vote against it. The poll has 80 percent of Republicans voting for the amendment and just 16 percent voting against it.

It's a sad day when I feel ashamed of 40% of my own Party. It's not over yet, and we might just be surprised. But it's plain (to me) that the North Carolina Democratic Party has a long way to go.

Forrester pushes marriage amendment (again)

And he's hoping for help from a Democrat:

Forrester said he’s hoping the proposed constitutional change will have a better chance this year since the Senate has a new Rules Committee chairman.

The new chairman is Sen. David Hoyle, D-Gaston. Hoyle signed on as a cosponsor of the proposed amendment last year. Hoyle said he expects to send the bill to the Rules Committee this year. But he doesn’t expect the committee to take it up.

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