LGBT "Safe Spaces" at Alamance Community College upset trustees

Trustees as Alamance Community College, including one who is running for commissioner, are reaching for their smelling salts and heading for the fainting couches because ACC has set up "Safe Spaces" for LGBTs.

This program, seen at many colleges and universities, is designed to train counselors, faculty and staff on how to talk openly with LGBTQ students - or anyone at the college - about LGBT issues in a tolerant environment.

Ingle, the candidate for County Commissioner, has been campaigning at local Baptist churches. Perhaps he needs to get out and meet other citizens of Alamance.

United Church of Christ sues NC over Amendment One

The United Church of Christ is suing the state of NC over Amendment One, saying it violates the First Amendment protection of freedom of religion. The suit was filed in Federal court in Charlotte; the church says it is the first by a national religious body to challenge a gay marriage ban on freedom of religion grounds.

NC Republicans introduced religious bigotry bill like Arizona's

QNotes reminds us that Republicans in the legislature introduced a bill very similar to Arizona's new law that allows businesses or individuals in government to refuse services to individuals because of their religious beliefs.

Will the extremists in the legislature try again?

Although targeted at LGBTs, these proposed bills would, according to the ACLU and Anti-Defamation League, give businesses a license to discriminate against any minority group they wished.

You can get a pdf of NC's proposed bill here.

Public funds for traumatizing gay teens

Rolling Stone has a heartbreaking article that looks at private religious schools that tramautize gay teens.

Young LGBTQs, struggling with the sexuality or knowing full well that they're gay and sent to strict religious schools by extremist religious parents, face abuse and harrassment.

Many Christian schools in Georgia and across the nation have similar policies, sometimes explicitly written into a pledge that students or their parents must sign when they enroll. At certain schools, a student need not even engage in acts of sexual "impurity"; simply identifying as gay or acting in support of a gay friend can lead to dismissal.

And state tax dollars pay for it.

A gay American’s response to the President’s inaugural address

Dear President Obama:

I write to you today not as a Democrat, nor as the Chair of the Gaston County Democratic party, but I write to you as a proud man and Gay American.

LGBT Forum - Tuesday, August 21st, 7:00pm in Charlotte at Fox & Hound Uptown (330 N Tryon St. Charlotte, NC)

Just got word of this. It is being hosted by the Libertarian Party of Mecklenburg County and has a really impressive list of panelists:

Charlotte, NC – On Tuesday August 21st, in honor of Pride Week, LPMeck will hold a forum addressing LGBT issues in North Carolina. A special guest panel has been invited to weigh in on these issues and hold an open discussion on the current political landscape in North Carolina and how it relates to members of the LGBT community.

The event will begin at 7:00pm in the upstairs banquet room at Fox & Hound uptown. The discussion will be moderated by LPMeck Chairman, Tim Doran.

Thoughts on combating the marriage amendment

Listening to the rhetoric from progressives around the constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot in May, one might think the amendment has nothing to do with marriage, equality or the LGBT community.

Instead I see tweets like this

This has been the tone of the anti-amendment campaign since its beginning. It has focused on the conclusions drawn by UNC Law Professor Maxine Eichner in her paper on the broader effects of Amendment One. I have the utmost faith in Eichner’s scholarship and I am fully prepared to accept her conclusions. In a rush to appease their far-right financial backers, the GOP hastily pushed through an amendment that is vague and will certainly have unforeseen consequences, no doubt harming families and children.

But that’s not why the amendment is bad.

It’s bad because it enshrines hate and discrimination into our constitution. It's bad because it sends a message that members of the LGBT community aren’t welcome and aren’t equal in North Carolina and it's bad because it drags us back to the days of separate water fountains and segregated lunch counters. Not to mention that within a generation it will certainly be repealed.

Equality NC Conference to be held in Durham

Erwin Chemerinsky will be there; so should you.

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