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Libertarian ideas progressives should adopt?

I've been thinking a lot lately about the Great Divide in American politics lately, wondering to myself where there might be bridges worth building. The process inevitably brings me to some of the Libertarian ideals I once considered useful.

Below are some things Pope McCrory could champion that might pull this North Carolina progressive into his camp:

Join Libertarian candidate for Gov, Barbara Howe, to shred marriage license in front of Gen Assembly in protest of Amendment 1

Statement from Barbara Howe:

"When some people are denied freedom, no one is truly free. Please join us, as we and others shred their North Carolina marriage licenses in front of the General Assembly on Jones Street in Raleigh NC on Tuesday, May 29th at 11am."

Howe is the current Libertarian candidate for North Carolina Governor, winning the LPNC nomination uncontested. Recently, in 2012, she ran for NC House District 32(receiving 23% of the vote.)

She has served 4 terms as Chair of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina and is an avid activist for La Leche League and against unnecessary NC licensing requirements for midwifes.

About Barbara

One Presidential Candiate Openly Supports Marriage Equality

"Gay marriage equality is not a trick question, and we shouldn’t be getting trick answers from the President of the United States. Gay Americans deserve better than a President who winks and nods and tries to convince them that he will protect their rights, but refuses to emerge from the closet and support one of the most basic rights – the right to equal access to marriage. And frankly, even opponents of gay marriage deserve the truth from the White House. Is the President for it or against it? Right now, the Administration is trying to have it both ways."

Gary Johnson - Libertarian Party Nominee for President

Gary Johnson is a two-term governor from New Mexico who is a vocal advocate of marriage equality, ending Marijuana Prohibition, responsible Immigration reform, and responsible, efficient government. He won the Presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party with 70% of the vote on the first ballot.

Libertarian Party opposes Marriage Discrimination Amendment


Raleigh, N.C. - The North Carolina Libertarian Party today declared its formal opposition to Amendment One. The state's third-largest party is encouraging its members, as well as all other voters, regardless of party affiliation, to vote against the constitutional amendment on the May 8 primary ballot.

J.J. Summerell, chair of the North Carolina Libertarian Party, declared the Libertarian Party’s unequivocal opposition to Amendment One.

State Supreme Court to hear Libertarian-Green challenge to ballot access laws

The North Carolina Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Libertarian Party et al vs. The State of North Carolina, et al Thursday, September 9 at 9:30 a.m. This is the party’s challenge to the constitutionality of North Carolina’s ballot access laws.

The lawsuit filed in September 2005 claims North Carolina's ballot access restrictions violate the state constitution, which guarantees that all elections shall be free and that with very few restrictions every voter shall be eligible for election by the people to office.

The North Carolina Green Party joined the case as an intervenor in April 2006.

Why the Libertarian Party is Not Compelling

This started out as a comment, but as my comments are wont to do, it turned into something of a mini-essay.

A newcomer to BlueNC, savvysooner, showed up in my old My Dinner with Munger post with an impassioned, if qualified, defense of the Libertarian Party.

This offered me an opportunity to explain where I think the Libertarian Party is failing to meet the political and philosophical needs of people who, like them, are not content with the two-party system.

My Dinner with Munger

(with apologies to Louis Malle)

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of lunch with Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Michael Munger. Since he openly invited me to that lunch here on BlueNC, and I accepted, I reckon he won't mind if I share some of my thoughts on the experience with my fellow wild-eyed progressives.

Bob Barr To Swing NC For Barack Obama?

The Libertarian Party maneuvered the labyrinthine laws intended to exclude third parties from the NC ballot, having qualified for the November ballot by collecting over 70,000 signatures statewide. This is no small task, and we ought to congratulate those party-builders who are giving their all to create something new.

The good news is that there are a lot of registered Republicans and Reagan Democrats who can't stand John McCain and who have a huge libertarian streak in them. We have more than our fair share here in the mountain west. And the better news is that the Libertarian Party has a brand name candidate running for President, former Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia.

If Barr can pull Ron Paul sized numbers (7.2%) here in November, it could tip North Carolina into Obama's column.

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