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Election update from Linda Coleman

Received via e-mail from Linda Coleman's campaign:

With approximately 50,000 provisional ballots left to be counted, we don’t yet know who will be North Carolina’s lieutenant governor. Dan Forest and the state’s tea-partiers are clinging to an 11,300 vote lead. I think we’ve got the votes to catch up, and we’re working hard to make sure every vote is tallied.

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The race I'll be sweating tomorrow

I'll be sweating this race because I've seen a lot of polls all within the margin in this essentially tied race. I was reading a poll today that lists 8% of North Carolinians as having already voted and as still undecided on the Lt. Governor race. Usually we think of voter drop off happening at the nonpartisan races, but even this is a race where it can happen. Make sure your friends know you're voting for Coleman. If you need a reason why, then please check out and share this Q-Notes article.

But it is Linda Coleman, former state House member and former director of the Office of State Personnel, who might find herself the lone Democratic officer among a sea of Republican lawmakers. Coleman could also become the highest-ranking LGBT-friendly elected official in Raleigh.

Council of State and Judges 5 county tour of Eastern North Carolina , Saturday , Oct.27th, 2012

The Council of State candidates and statewide candidates of judicial races will be touring 5 counties in the east on Saturday, Oct 27th. Details below.

My 2nd campaign donation

Just donated to Linda Coleman for Lt Governor. Hers is the only campaign I've donated to during the General Election cycle other than President Obama's re-election campaign if that says anything.

While I'm supporting many good candidates, this is a place where a donation can make an important difference. All 4 polls have been tied so any support could be the tipping point. And in a statewide race a donation is much more meaningful than in a national race. So I figured if I donated to the President, I should donate here too.

#YDDay Tomorrow!

This Saturday, August 4, Young Democrat Day will celebrate the service-minded Millennial Generation by giving Young Democrats across North Carolina the opportunity to give back through registering voters, donating blood, collecting canned food, and more. Events are planned in Murphy, Asheville, Black Mountain, Dallas, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Clayton, Elizabeth City, Wilmington, and Manteo. Follow the action starting at 4 AM using the #YDDay hashtag!

Click for a full list of events and sign up form!

All over the state, Young Democrats will spend the weekend making a difference. Gaston Young Democrats will help distribute school supplies, Mecklenburg Young Democrats will donate blood, Guilford Young Democrats will collect cans to combat a shortage at the local food bank, and Young Democrats from Asheville to Wilmington will register voters.

Not for sale

I decided to run for Lt. Governor because I believe we have got to change politics in North Carolina. We need to restore trust in our government by making it more inclusive and transparent.

But from the very beginning of this race, one special interest group has vowed to do whatever it takes to stop us from reaching our goal. And now we know what they are willing to do. SEANC has spent over three hundred thousand dollars on television ads for my opponent while she has paid for none.

According to reports released from the State Board of Elections yesterday, my opponent has raised less than $36,000 and has spent over $38,000. Her campaign has not spent one dime on radio, television or yard signs and is an additonal $22,000 in debt – essentially, my opponent has outsourced her campaign to SEANC.

Linda Coleman NC House Seat

Since our new governor tapped Linda Coleman to head the Office of State Personnel, the District 39 NC House seat needs to be filled. The District Executive Committee will meet on Thursday, January 22nd at the Goodwin House (NCDP HQ) in Raleigh to pick the successor.

Bob Geary has a good rundown in the IndyWeek Blog

I shared the campaign trail with both Don Mial and Lindy Brown in 2006, and they both helped me out in 2008. I think the world of both of them, and I have heard great things about Darren Jackson, too. I am glad I don't have to make that choice, since I am in different House District.

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