Marriage amendment

Free legal assistance for LGBT families

Navigating the dangerous shoals of Amendment One:

The Campaign for Southern Equality is hosting free legal workshops around the state in the coming months to assist people in taking steps to protect their children, health care and assets. Equality North Carolina will help with the workshops. The next one takes place in Winston-Salem and others are planned in Durham and Asheville.

Here's the workshop schedule, but I don't see the Durham event listed. Can anyone verify and supply the particulars (when, where, etc.)?

Samaritan's Purse spent $150K on NC constitutional amendment

International Christian relief and evangelism charity organization Samaritan's Purse run by Franklin Graham contributed $150,200 towards newspaper and TV advertising in support of the NC Marriage Amendment, according to an Independent Expenditure report filed with the NC State Board of Elections.

It's time to stop voting on church property

Blurring the line between church and state:

Some are questioning whether a Wilmington church that posted an Amendment One-related sign on primary Election Day should remain a polling place. On Tuesday, Devon Park United Methodist Church's permanent church sign carried this message: "A true marriage is male and female and God."

When I first received my (newest) voter registration card and noticed that I would be voting in a church, I did a triple-take. It just didn't seem right. And even though I've voted there several times, it still doesn't seem right.

Bill James pushes to scrap county employee benefits for same-sex couples

That didn't take long. Bill James wants Mecklenburg County to stop offering benefits to same sex couples:

Now that Amendment one has passed it obviously is illegal to offer this benefit as there is now only one ‘domestic legal union’ recognized in the state.

Read More: Pundit House

Where do I begin? It's just the beginning for North Carolina after the passage of Amendment One

I'm sitting here thinking about all of the blood, sweat and tears poured into this battle to defeat Amendment One here in NC. It looks like is NC had the highest turnout for a primary here in a quarter century -- 37%. Only 18% were expected to vote.

But the forces of bigotry won this round. (WRAL; full election results can be found here):

The constitutional amendment defining marriage in North Carolina as between one man and one woman appears like it will pass. With 30 percent of precincts reporting, those in favor of the amendment lead those against 57 percent to 43 percent.

Disheartening numbers on Amendment One

Analysis of PPP Polling numbers by Seth Effron:

Based on early voting turnout and polling results from Public Policy Polling, those opposing Amendment One have an uphill battle today – mostly because of the astonishingly near unanimous support of the amendment from Republicans. The facts -- there were 260,068 Democratic Party ballots cast in early voting (including registered Democrats and unaffiliateds who cast Democratic Party ballots) and 209,656 Republican Party ballots cast (including registered Republicans and unaffiliateds who cast GOP ballots). Public Policy Polling said 40 percent of the Democrats would vote FOR the amendment and 53 percent would vote against it. The poll has 80 percent of Republicans voting for the amendment and just 16 percent voting against it.

It's a sad day when I feel ashamed of 40% of my own Party. It's not over yet, and we might just be surprised. But it's plain (to me) that the North Carolina Democratic Party has a long way to go.

Skip Stam's inappropriate acts

Paul “Skip” Stam has idiosyncratic notions about case law. Encountering obstacles to the conservative agenda in established law, or a constitution, he has reached through them for obsolete iterations of dogma in archaic documents such as the Magna Carta, the Code of Justinian or more recently, as with the marriage amendment, the Acts of the Albemarle. Ignoring the lineage of precedent, he finds the future in history’s discards.

It is a curious affectation that Stam dotes on quirks in outdated pre-revolutionary law to justify assaults on post-revolutionary freedoms and liberties. His royalist tendencies bespeak an aristocratic and autocratic disdain for civil government rather than any zeal for individual freedoms. In supporting the drive to restrict the human right of individuals to form partnerships for life he has oft quoted the 1669 Acts of the Albemarle as the foundation of marriage in North Carolina. How quaint and reckless to claim a foundation on the shifting sands of history in the Albemarle Sound.

We Do Campaign — Stay Tuned

Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, Executive Director of the Campaign for Southern Equality, appeared Saturday on "Up with Chris Hayes" to talk about efforts to defeat Amendment One and the next phase of the We Do campaign. Video here.

Pro Amendment PAC fails to file

Within the last hour I filed a formal complaint with the NC State Board of Elections regarding the failure of the NC Conservative Voice PAC to file any documents with the Board within 10 days of transactions as required by election law. The PAC, run by Nathan Tabor, has apparently been in existence since early March. The text of my complaint follows:

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