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Mecklenburg commissioners support resolution against statewide marriage amendment

Last night the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution (5-4) opposing Amendment One. While several cities and towns have passed resolutions against this amendment, I believe Mecklenburg is the first to pass this at the county level (maybe Orange County but not sure)

The county resolution reads, in part, “since North Carolina law already defines marriage as between a man and a woman, the proposed amendment would only serve to express hostility against a minority group.”

The vote went along party lines with the lone unaffliated commissioner Chair Harold Cogdell, voting with the majority.

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PS. Why hasn't the Charlotte City Council voted on this yet? Dems hold a 9-2 majority.

Amendment One contest tightens

Speaking of tight, follow Vote FOR Marriage NC's tightly reasoned pitch in favor of Amendment One:

To recap:

  • God defined marriage.
  • Only voters can define marriage.
  • Nobody should define marriage.
  • Thirty states have defined marriage.

Now, after some Dramamine, two Advil and a shot of Old Bushmills, you are ready to define marriage.

Meanwhile, Public Policy Polling suggests the May 8 Amendment One vote could be a toss-up:

On disorganized religion and Amendment One

From the Charlotte Observer:

There is a long history behind understanding biblical texts and what one discovers is that there has never been any diversity of interpreting biblical teaching on homosexuality until the last few decades. The suggestion that the Bible is unclear on this topic has no historical veracity.

It's not so much that the Bible is unclear, it's that current scholars (like yourself) choose to ignore so many other teachings which society has outgrown, like slavery being okay, adultery being a capital offense, etc. And then there's 1 Corinthians 12/25:

Ten days 'til early voting begins

Here's some helpful info courtesy of DemocracyNC:

Want to know where you can go to vote early for the NC primary election, beginning on April 19 – or see who will be on your ballot? The State Board of Elections has just posted the times and locations of Early Voting sites for all 100 counties. All counties have at least one site open on weekdays from April 19 to May 4 and on Saturday, May 5, until 1 PM. Some have sites open on other Saturdays, some on a Sunday, some on college campuses.

Here's a map of early voting sites, or you can jump to DemocracyNC's Election Connection page to learn more:

Elon Poll: 61% oppose Amendment One

The more people learn about Amendment One, the more they dislike it:

The Elon University Poll results released today show that 61% of North Carolinians say they oppose an amendment that would prevent any same sex marriages, domestic partnerships or civil unions.

But this doesn't mean all the hard work you folks have been doing is over. It just means that it's working, that people are being educated. Here's another intelligent Republican who opposes this generational mistake:

Domestic violence and Amendment One

From the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCAD):

North Carolina has long recognized that domestic violence victims deserve protection whether or not they are married to their abusers and have made sure that domestic violence laws cover unmarried victims—but those protections may conflict with the proposed constitutional amendment’s prohibitions.

While I believe it is entirely possible the Domestic Violence Statute could be compromised by Amendment One, even if the Statute holds up and is not found in conflict, LGBT victims may still suffer for it. Here's why:

A personal appeal – are you against NC’s Amendment One? We need your support for the home stretch!

This is written off-the-cuff, no one asked for me to write this. I just wanted to let you know - my social media friends - that I believe we can defeat Amendment One with your help.

Thoughts on combating the marriage amendment

Listening to the rhetoric from progressives around the constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot in May, one might think the amendment has nothing to do with marriage, equality or the LGBT community.

Instead I see tweets like this

This has been the tone of the anti-amendment campaign since its beginning. It has focused on the conclusions drawn by UNC Law Professor Maxine Eichner in her paper on the broader effects of Amendment One. I have the utmost faith in Eichner’s scholarship and I am fully prepared to accept her conclusions. In a rush to appease their far-right financial backers, the GOP hastily pushed through an amendment that is vague and will certainly have unforeseen consequences, no doubt harming families and children.

But that’s not why the amendment is bad.

It’s bad because it enshrines hate and discrimination into our constitution. It's bad because it sends a message that members of the LGBT community aren’t welcome and aren’t equal in North Carolina and it's bad because it drags us back to the days of separate water fountains and segregated lunch counters. Not to mention that within a generation it will certainly be repealed.

And the #1 spot in our Hall of Shame goes to....

A great bunch of guys, although they could use some spine....

Staying married has its dangers. Off the top of our heads -- and this is purely at random, mind you, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the inability of lawmakers to address NC's real problems -- all of these things can threaten a marriage: the loss of a job and resulting money troubles, a chronic medical condition and no health insurance, destitute in-laws whose Medicaid benefits have been cut, children who are miserable because their schools lack the resources to address their learning needs, and restrictive abortion laws that shame and punish women for making the gut-wrenching decision to terminate a pregnancy, even when their lives are in danger.

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