Marriage Discrimination

SCOTUS taking Winsdor DOMA challenge and Prop 8 cases

The Supreme Court is taking up the Winsdor DOMA challenge and the Prop 8 Case. Depending on the ruling, and how broad or narrow it is, this could potentially end amendment 1, DOMA, and marriage discrimination all across the country.

How Amendment One might die in 2013

After historic victories in the 2012 elections in which marriage equality won and discrimination lost in 4 states and the first openly gay candidate was elected to the US Senate, the US Supreme Court now poised to weigh in on the issue. The Marriage News Watch video below looks at the history of marriage-related rulings by SCOTUS.

They could decide as early as next week whether or not to take up cases challenging DOMA and challenging marriage discrimination. If they opt not to, then marriage equality could resume in California in short order. That, combined with the recent election results, could move a significant percentage of the country's population into areas with marriage equality.

Marriage on the ballot on both coasts and places in between

Several states have marriage on the ballot, several of these races are close, and it may be our first victory with marriage at the ballot box (not that civil rights should be voted on). The President has come out on the side of equality in each of these states, and Romney is supporting a federal marriage discrimination amendment. It's hard to imagine a starker difference.

Director of Elections in Harnett County resigns because of GOTP Marriage Discrimination Amendment

An inspiring action from a dedicated public servant. Received via email.

On January 3, 2012 I resigned my position as Director of Elections for Harnett County, NC. I am extremely proud of the progress and accomplishments made to the voting procedures and polling places in Harnett County over the last eleven and a half years. I am especially proud that the Board of Election’s Office has always been operated in a fair, efficient and non-partisan manner during my tenure.

Unfortunately, recent actions of the North Carolina General Assembly made it impossible for me to continue as Director of Elections as speaking publicly about candidates or issues appearing on the ballot is prohibited. In September, the legislature passed a bill requiring a referendum be placed on the May, 2012 primary ballot defining marriage as a “union between a man and a woman”. I cannot and will not be a party to such actions.

Roy Cooper putting the weight of his office to work

to defend marriage discrimination in North Carolina. What a sad way to start the year, Roy.

PS Take me off your fundraising list.

I need your help research 12 candidates - Marriage Discrimination positions

I've tried taking a list of all incumbents, and all new GOP members in the House and Senate. And by process of elimination crossed them off one by one as I found they have supported a marriage discrimination constitutional amendment. I cross referenced lists of old & new GOP members against Equality NC's list of cosponsored of the marriage discrimination amendment, against the NC Family Policy Council questionnaire asking candidates where they stand, and then search as many candidates website as I could find who might take a stance on this issue on their website.

There are 12 names left. My hope is they haven't taken a stand, and thus they will be willing to abstain when it comes time rather than vote for it. But I can't be sure those 12 names shouldn't be whittled down more. Tell me if you know where any of these 12 stand.

District (location) - Candidate - Victory Margin%

House - Not on the record in favor of amendment:


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