Marriage News Watch

Marriage news watch

In a continuing effort to share these whenever they mention NC, here is this week's Marriage News Watch. The politics of the marriage equality fight in New Jersey could prove interesting since it involves a 2016 potential presidential hopeful.

Here's more news on the latest efforts in NC:

Register your marriage license in N.C.

As we continue to expand the WE DO Campaign, we are adding a new action. On October 22nd, LGBT couples who are legally married are saying “We did!” by registering their marriage licenses at their local Register of Deeds Offices across North Carolina.

This week's Marriage News Watch

Johnson's reversal leaves only three Democratic senators who still oppose same-sex marriage: Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Mark Pryor (D-AK) and Mary Landrieu (D-LA)

How Amendment One might die in 2013

After historic victories in the 2012 elections in which marriage equality won and discrimination lost in 4 states and the first openly gay candidate was elected to the US Senate, the US Supreme Court now poised to weigh in on the issue. The Marriage News Watch video below looks at the history of marriage-related rulings by SCOTUS.

They could decide as early as next week whether or not to take up cases challenging DOMA and challenging marriage discrimination. If they opt not to, then marriage equality could resume in California in short order. That, combined with the recent election results, could move a significant percentage of the country's population into areas with marriage equality.

Marriage on the ballot on both coasts and places in between

Several states have marriage on the ballot, several of these races are close, and it may be our first victory with marriage at the ballot box (not that civil rights should be voted on). The President has come out on the side of equality in each of these states, and Romney is supporting a federal marriage discrimination amendment. It's hard to imagine a starker difference.

Marriage News Watch one month out

After North Carolina went through the pain of a marriage vote earlier this year, I feel for those going through it in other states in just under a month. Maryland, Maine, and Washington are all fighting for marriage equality, and Minnesota is fighting against a discriminatory amendment just like we faced.

I like the polling the I've seen for Maine and Washington, but for Maryland and Minnesota it's tight. I know with so many important races in North Carolina that's hard to give any more, especially out of state. Maryland is close enough that it feels real. I know people from our Mid-Atlantic neighbor a few states north. If you can give to the equality effort there, you can do so by clicking here.

Marriage News Watch

It looks like some big news relating to marriage equality could come out next month based on what cases SCOTUS decides to take and what decisions they let stand. Check out this weeks Marriage News Watch for the details. Meanwhile the RNC is busy adding bigotry into their platform as the DNC adds marriage equality to theirs in Charlotte next week.

My thoughts on being a delegate

As a delegate, I'm pretty excited about the national Democratic Party adding marriage equality to their platform in Charlotte at the convention. I have some more thoughts on that below, but I also wanted to share this article: "Davidson College Becomes First Campus To Suspend Chick-fil-A."

Marriage News Watch

Those of you who were active Blue NC readers during the amendment fight will remember this weekly video segment. I haven't shared them as often recently, but the focus is back on North Carolina with the possibility of marriage equality being added to the national Democratic Party platform in Charlotte during the convention.

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