Wal-Mart's Latest Victim is the New York Times

Yesterday's New York Times posted a misleading article that uses the relationship between SEIU President Andy Stern and Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott as evidence of a "slowing down" of the Wal-Mart campaigns. (NYT registration required-- it's also re-posted at

While we cannot speak for Wal-Mart Watch, everyone should know has NO intention of letting Wal-Mart off the hook. None. Zero. Zilch.

McHenry sacked by Gaston Gazette

Last week Roger Clemens provided our Patty one more opportunity to make an ass out of himself. And finally, a local reporter figured it out. And took him down.

Kudos to Derick Moss of the Gaston Gazette. . . Never heard of him? That's because you've been reading the news. For decent coverage of your US congressman, at least in the 10th, you need to turn to the sports section.


I'm in love with my basic cable. It costs about $12 bucks a month, but it's not the cost that is most impressive. Nope, the best part is not having to watch CNN and Fox tell me how to think. That has spared me from viewing the creepy cult meme in all its glory.

North Carolina Democratic Party Investigates FCC Chairman Kevin Martin

The North Carolina Democratic Party today filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Office of the Inspector General to obtain a detailed list of Chairman Kevin Martin’s recent travel.

The request comes in the wake of numerous news reports that Chairman Martin may be using public funds and his position as Chairman of a large government agency to seek elected office in North Carolina.

Blue Century - Playing Offense

PhotobucketWhen it comes to becoming the media, a new group out of Asheville is taking the bull by the horns.

"Blue Century was founded by veteran Democratic campaign staff and volunteers. We believe the future of American politics lies in grassroots and netroots activism.

We're through playing defense. Through being defined by opponents. It's time we defined ourselves, not by what we're against, but by what we're for.

Creative, small-scale radio campaigns can - like Howard Dean's Internet campaign - make politics more accessible to ordinary people. Listen for Blue Century's messages on both progressive and conservative talk radio."

Their ads are already running on Asheville area radio, and they're looking forward to expanding via the internet and airwaves.

Follow this link to hear four of their ads.

After the jump - more about Blue Century.


The media is excluding candidates from the debates. AGAIN!
Lately it's been the media (IE..ABC/Disney, Fox & now NBC/GE) that want to exclude viable candidates. These media outlets and their pundits are trying to select your candidates and manipulate the public perception of exactly who is viable and electable with words and polls.

Take action, please...

McHorny PR piece backfires

Every time Pat has some bad press, say that his popularity is plummeting, our Pat McHorny has a great record of getting some major publications to print cutesy puff pieces about how he really isn't a nasty hypocrite (say, over earmarks) or really isn't all that connected to his staffer's voter fraud or that didn't have anything to do with the half dozen irregularities in his financial disclosures.

Insiders say his recent popularity plummet coincides with the publication of information to back the previous rumors that Pat is not, shall we say, living his life with the family values of his campaign rhetoric. So, we shouldn't be all that surprised that The Hill stepped up to the media-whore-for-Republicans plate by printing this nauseating crap about House Cloak Room rumors of a girlfriend.

But really, folks, they must be getting pretty damn desperate. His supposed love interest (Congresswoman Mary Fallin) is definitely not interested.

Are Americans idiots, or just the media?

On this morning, the story "Germany: Massive Terror Attacks Foiled" briefly held the main headline spot. Much to my dismay, this attention-getting spot was quickly taken over by "'She-Male' leads prisoners in dance."

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