LIVE at noon: 2 Million Americans Say No to Cuts

Organizations Representing Tens of Millions of Americans to Deliver Over 2 Million Petition Signatures Directly to the White House Rejecting Cuts to Social Security Benefits

Will Be Joined By U.S. Senator Who Vows to Block Benefit Cuts


Coalition Includes AFL-CIO,, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, CREDO, National Organization for Women, Social Security Works, Alliance for Retired Americans, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, Democracy For America, Campaign for America's Future, The Other 98%, Progressives United, Blue America, Rebuild the Dream, Center for Community Change, Health Care for America Now and Others

Barricades, anyone?

It's time to go to the phones. Again.

Obama budget would cut entitlements in exchange for tax increases

Dave Johnson laid it out in an email:

The Obama budget is going to offer “Grand Bargain” cuts in Social Security and Medicare, hoping to get Republicans to offer tax increases. We are heading into a retirement crisis. The 401K experiment didn’t work. Companies have pulled back on pensions. And the squeeze that has been on regular people for decades means that people also do not have the savings they need to get them through old age. And all the money went to the top. The last thing the country needs is cuts in essential services for the elderly.

Skin cancer

Skin cancer sucks, even in its mildest early stages. Between doctor visits, ointments, creams and cutting, there's nothing to like about it except for the fact that it's not brain or liver cancer. But you know what would suck even more? Skin cancer with no insurance.

I've been lucky. I was able to see a doctor early and often, staying ahead of the disease. Without insurance, I might be well my way to dead right now.

More than 1.5 million adults in North Carolina have no health insurance. With an incidence rate of 30% for skin cancer, that means more than 450,000 uninsured citizens would be diagnosed if they somehow managed to see a doctor. But they won't see a doctor. They can't afford to.

Do-nothing Burr goes after the needy, again

How can you tell when he's lying? His mouth is moving:

Burr: We'll Talk Taxes If Democrats Ease Entitlement Stance

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) told WFMY News 2 he'd be willing to discuss tax increases for the wealthiest Americans if Democrats are willing to make cuts to "entitlement" programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

This non-offer offer is probably in response to some negative exposure he's going to get today:

The real cost of the Romney/Ryan plan to NC:

Progress NC Action is proud to be partnering with the Center for American Progress Action Fund on a special report that reveals the real cost to North Carolina of the Romney/Ryan Plan. CAP Action has analyzed the Romney/Ryan plan and measured its potential impact on our state in a number of critical areas, including taxes, jobs, medicare, healthcare and more.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn the facts and to pick up materials you can pass along to your family and friends before November 6th.

You are invited to join us at a press conference in Raleigh this Wednesday afternoon featuring U.S. Congressman David Price, or at a special forum later that evening at UNC Greensboro. There will also be a Charlotte press conference on the morning of October 18th with details to some.

Event information and a link to a comprehensive resource page you are welcome to use is posted after the jump.

Yes, Ryan's budget would end Medicare as we know it. Romney-Ryan lie.

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Lies tick me off. And a lie doesn't get any bigger than the Ryan/GOP one purporting they will "save" Medicare. But what do you say of dissembling, deceiving and lying media fronts?

Tuesday night ABC's Jonathan Karl pretended to fact check the Obama-Biden claim that Paul Ryan's Voucher Plan would "end Medicare as we know it." The Obama-Biden claim is completely true.

So when he endorsed the GOP deception, Jonathan Karl's pants were on fire. The GOP, Ryan and Karl pretend those 55 and over can keep traditional Medicare. It is a malicious lie intended to divide the old from the young while gutting the entire program. They know that. This is the truth about privatizing Medicare.

1. Any insurance plan relies on younger, healthier subscribers' inputs (premiums) to pay for the less healthy older subscribers. The younger usually need less care.

2. By giving the younger seniors a voucher, the GOP effectively siphon off funding in the form of vouchers for younger seniors, de-facto defund traditional Medicare and cause the system to collapse financially. So, no, older seniors cannot "keep it." It won't be there.

Ryan, Romney, McCrory and Medicare

With national electoral maps showing almost no path to victory for the GOP in November, it wasn't surprising this weekend to see Mitt Rmoney shift into Hail Mary mode by naming Paul Ryan as his running mate. It's reminiscent of John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin, a desperate move, fraught with risk, especially in swing states like Florida and North Carolina. But it's worse than you think for Rmoney ... and Pat McCrory too.

Keeping an eye on Social Security and Medicare

AARP establishes a new resource for probable benefit changes:

When elected officials talk about the future of Social Security and Medicare, it's usually a lot of "Washington-speak." AARP is working to change that by making sure everyone in North Carolina understands what's being discussed in Congress and has opportunities to express personal points of view. We've enlisted a broad range of experts from all political views to share their ideas so you can understand the pros and cons of leading proposals on the table in Washington.

Here's a link to the AARP page talking about this, but I think there's supposed to be a whole different website. I'll keep looking when I get a chance.

Patsy Keever vows to protect Medicare at senior citizen roundtables

On Thursday Rep. Patsy Keever vowed to protect Medicare at roundtables with citizens across North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District.

Participants in Gastonia and Shelby were generally supportive of Medicare and expressed their concerns about changes that Republicans have proposed to the program to help balance the budget.

In a statement issued just after completion of the roundtables, Rep. Keever stated:

I’ve been a firm believer in Medicare since it was first enacted, and so has my 90-year-old mother, who thankfully is covered under this comprehensive federally guaranteed health insurance. My mother and the other seniors of our nation earned their Medicare coverage with a lifetime of hard work, and we must keep our pledge to them. As the Representative from North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District, I promise I will defend and preserve this effective, family-friendly program.

Conservative George Will smites income redistribution...the poor, elderly and, of course, lazy.

George Will’s editorial today in our Star-News about the evils of taxation and income redistribution almost had me. As Mr. Will said, government often gives our monies to those who neither need it or deserve it. He correctly states our monies often go to powerful interests but fails to identify those parties until the end of his editorial. Reading along, one thinks he’s talking about billions in tax subsidies to already highly profitable oil companies or capital gains tax breaks for the wealthy, bail-outs given to unethical banks and investment houses, and so on.

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