middle-class tax hikes

Fact-checking the fact-checkers

When "I'll just take your word for it" seems to suffice:

The keynote speaker and others claimed the Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, would raise taxes on the “middle class.” He has promised he won’t. Democrats base their claim on a study that doesn’t necessarily lead to that conclusion.

Bolding mine. Do I have to bring up Bush the Elder's "Read My Lips" claim? Really? And by the way, the study most definitely leads to that conclusion:

Please contact your local UNC President--The Hijacked Commission

November 11, 2010
The Hijacked Commission


Count me among those who always believed that President Obama made a big mistake when he created the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform — a supposedly bipartisan panel charged with coming up with solutions to the nation’s long-run fiscal problems. It seemed obvious, as soon as the commission’s membership was announced, that “bipartisanship” would mean what it so often does in Washington: a compromise between the center-right and the hard-right.

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