misappropriation of taxpayers money

LaRoque found guilty on all 12 charges

More details will follow later, but the instructive parts of this story have been available for some time now, and there's more to this than just a greedy man getting caught with his hands in the till.

Economic problems that plague our rural areas are unique and extremely difficult to address. There simply isn't enough capital already in place to generate the type of growth that could end up being self-sustaining, which is why the federal government created and funds various programs to invest in those areas. Sometimes these efforts succeed, and sometimes they fail, but that's the nature of business. And for many communities, these programs may be their last chance:

Additional charges filed against LaRoque

What goes around comes around:

Four new charges were filed against him this month, including concealing “material facts,” materially false, fictitious and fraudulent representation, and two counts of making and subscribing a false tax return, according to online court records viewed Wednesday.

And it seems the Kinston Free Press can't shake its infatuation with the local lordling. This relatively short article drops in the word "alleged" no less than five times, and this is downright artistic in its praise:

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