Let's have a talk about misogyny

This post was originally written for Facebook, but I have been encouraged to post it here as well.

Alright, Facebook, it's time to get serious. Let's talk about Elliot Rodger & Santa Barbara for a minute here.

I've seen and heard a lot of people discussing Rodger's state of mental health and the implications it had on his actions. At face value, these comments may seem valid. Clearly someone who is "psychotic" or has a "mental imbalance" could be unstable enough to go on this sort of killing spree, right? Except that's where you're wrong in several different ways.

Nipple ban

I suppose everyone has heard of the new NC GOP legislation that has passed the house and awaits a senate vote. It's a bill to provide criminal penalties if a woman shows her breast/nipples in public. The first offense is punishable by up to 6 months in prison. A first offense DWI is a max of 24 hours in jail ... and a 2nd and 3rd is still more lenient than this potential punishment.

There are exceptions for breastfeeding mothers and ladies working in strip clubs. Apparently, this all came about when some women bared their breasts in political protest over some other absurdity shoveled on to women by hairy, old hypocritical GOP bigots. What could that be?

Men's advice column: How to behave around women

Between some troubling incidents I've personally witnessed recently, and several statutory changes enacted or put forward by misogynistic dinosaurs going around dressed like normal human men, I figured it was about time for another lecture. Now, this may piss a few of you guys off, but guess what? I don't care. If I can plant a seed in that moribund pile of mush you call a brain, it's worth the effort.

Ain't done sayin'

I don't think we're quite finished with this matter of Hillary Clinton and the error of her way. Thus, I'm cutting-and-pasting from Gary Pearce and Carter Wrenn's blog, "Talking Politics"

A Brief But Timely Guide To Misogyny

This isn't my essay, and, for the record, I'm supporting Edwards in the primary, but I thought this was so well written and articulated so clearly what a lot of us have been seeing -- for years now -- in press and on blogs about Hillary, that I thought I'd share it.

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