Monday numbers

Monday numbers from NC Policy Watch: Too bad for teachers edition

Some ugly numbers today. Maybe they should change the name of this feature to Monday Madness. In any case, go read the rest.

1—-percentage increase in take home pay that Governor Pat McCrory claims teachers earning $40,000 will receive from the tax cut passed by the General Assembly (“McCrory calls for fewer tests, extra teacher pay,” WRAL-TV, August 1, 2013)

250,000—amount in dollars that a household must earn on average to receive a one percent tax cut (McCrory signs tax bill, WRAL-TV, July 23, 2013)

Monday numbers from NC Policy Watch

More evidence, if you need it, that trickle down economics doesn't actually trickle down. Look for things to get a lot worse now that Governor Pope is sharpening his chainsaw.

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