The Medicaid meltdown continues

The N&O has some excellent reporting this weekend on Mr. McCrory's Magnificent Medicaid Meltdown, which is underway right now in North Carolina. If you've been wanting to understand what's going on with Medicaid, and why, this article should be your first stop.

As you read the story, two things will jump to mind. First, for all the mythology about Art Pope's financial acumen, he just another schmuck plugging made-up numbers into the state budget, all designed to create the illusion that McCrory knows what he's doing. And second, you'll learn that there are real and terrible costs associated with the so-called leadership of our Republican-led government. Under the crushing weight of Queen Aldona Wos, anybody who knows anything about Medicaid has abandoned ship, leaving DHHS hollowed out and completely dysfunctional.


Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance
by Loftin Wilson

On November 20th, 2013, as night falls, people all over the world will gather by candlelight and read a list of names. The people on this list lived all over the world, from Istanbul to Brazil to Florida to Wisconsin. They were of all ages, some as young as thirteen. Their lives were all very different, but they are all on this list for one reason -- sometime during the last year, each of them lost their life because of anti-transgender hate violence.

People who are transgender -- people whose gender identity or gender presentation is different from or more complex than the sex they were assigned at birth -- live all over the world, in every culture and every country. We exist in every community and every walk of life. And even though data about the lives of transgender people is consistently under- and mis-reported, it is clear that people who are transgender or gender-nonconforming (and people who are perceived to be) experience violence at disproportionate, disturbing rates. One recent analysis concluded that “the majority of transgender people will experience violence in their lifetimes, and that risk for violence starts at an early age.”

Texas abortion law ruled unconstitutional

Coming soon to the Old North State. Won't be long before all of Tillisberger's "accomplishments" go down in flames of constitutional vengeance.

NC General Assembly earns a failing grade on the environment

RALEIGH, NC - Nearly two-thirds of the Senate—32 members in total—earned a failing grade this year on standing up for the environment, according to Environment North Carolina’s 2013 legislative scorecard released today.

NC Harm Reduction Announces Community Based Overdose Prevention Project

NCHRC Announces Community Based Overdose Prevention Project

With a commitment to reduce the number of drug overdose deaths in North Carolina, the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NCHRC) has created the Overdose Prevention Project (OPP). The OPP is a legal community-based overdose prevention training and naloxone distribution program. The program provides naloxone, a safe and effective drug with no abuse potential that reverses opioid overdose, to people at high risk of overdose and those who are likely to witness such an overdose. Although the OPP will travel statewide, it will be initially focused in Asheville, the Triangle and Fayetteville. documents arrests last night in Thom Tillis' office

"I believe that we will win ..."

NCGA Wakes Up NCAE (with Video)

This needs to go viral. You know what to do...

On agitators, outsiders and morons

Republican legislators have denigrated the Moral Mondays Movement by accusing the movement of being influenced by “outside agitators,” and the clever insult “Moron Mondays.”

The dictionary defines agitator: “one that agitates: one who stirs up public feeling on controversial issues.” Personally, I prefer Jim Hightower’s description. When Hightower was running for office in Texas, he responded to being called an agitator by embracing the label. “An agitator”, Hightower explained, “Is the thing in grandma’s washing machine that stirs the laundry to get the dirt out.”


In through the back door

A new bill proposed by Republicans in the state senate would allow county commissioners to take away from school boards "their traditional responsibility for owning,siting , acquiring, maintaining,and renovating schools. In counties that follow the provisions of the bill,commissioners would consult with the school board, but not be required to agree with their requests."

On the surface, the aim of the bill may seem benign. Republican sponsors claim it will allow educators to focus more on education. In reality, it is ALEC legislation pure and simple, allowing charter school proponents in through the back door, taking charter school authorization away from school boards.

The GOP is opposed to back dooring when it comes to marriage in NC (Amendment One), but completely in favor of it as a method to promote their ALEC based agenda.

Letter from Teabagistan

Dear North Carolina,

Do you want your kids' education sold from under them, and all schools being privatized for profit, teachers' wages cut for profit, and class sizes increased for profit?

Does this make you want to vote Republican, because all you want is a far more expensive, yet inferior education for your kids?

Do you want to live in a state where Right Wing Teabagging politicians keep crying for more tax cuts as income inequality increases at an alarming rate and unemployment remains in the top five? Do you want to see tax reform that will transfer the burden of state revenue to working stiffs while the wealthiest pay little or no taxes?

If that is what you're hoping for, then how will you benefit, apart from admiring their greed?

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