NC 2012 Election

Election update from Linda Coleman

Received via e-mail from Linda Coleman's campaign:

With approximately 50,000 provisional ballots left to be counted, we don’t yet know who will be North Carolina’s lieutenant governor. Dan Forest and the state’s tea-partiers are clinging to an 11,300 vote lead. I think we’ve got the votes to catch up, and we’re working hard to make sure every vote is tallied.

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Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with something that's definitely not a head-scratcher:

NCCapTonight 7:04pm via web
Romney: Have to scratch your head and wonder why Obama is talking about saving Big Bird. #ncprez #ncpol

Because you idiot, aside from the fact that PBS is the greatest source of educational programming around, the funding it receives is a tiny fraction of the overall Federal budget. By setting them up as a strawman to strike down, you've proven how incompetent you'd be as a President.

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