NC Air Toxics Program

NC GOP begins systematic dismantling of NC's air toxics program

What a wise man builds, an ignorant man can tear down:

The North Carolina legislature this year exempted pollution sources from state oversight if they are also covered by federal rules and don’t pose an “unacceptable risk” to human health. Among the recommendations are setting looser screening thresholds for facilities that release pollutants directly upward, a change that would apply to about one-third of all facilities.

Because if it goes directly upwards, it can't hurt us, right? Fucking idiots. More philosophy: A civilization guided by those who are most lacking in wisdom is doomed to failure.

Toxic legislation alert: HB952 State Air Toxics Program Reforms

Definitely not what the doctor ordered:

At the request of large industrial polluters and under the label of “regulatory reform,” North Carolina legislators have fashioned a bill, House Bill 952, that will undercut the state air toxics program and weaken its protection of the health and well-being of all North Carolinians. To protect families and children from toxic chemicals in the air we breathe, representatives should defeat this ill-advised legislation.

If the puppets over at Civitas had an ounce of credibility, this piece of toxic crap legislation would top their "bad bill of the week" chart. But instead, they whine about funding for PBS. Here's the bill:

MAHA letter to Bev re Air Toxics Program

I don't always do what the doctor says, but this time he's on the money:

The intent of the air toxics program - which is distinct from technology-based federal programs aimed at toxins of concern on a national level - is safeguarding the health of North Carolinians, by protecting communities near heavy industry from exposure to levels of toxic air pollutants that have been determined to create harmful health effects. And the program is working. Since adoption of the rules, there has been a steady decline in reported toxic air emissions--emissions reported in 2009 were about one-third the levels reported in 1998.

Which in free-market-ese translates to: Our air is much cleaner than it used to be! We don't need these burdensome regulations anymore!

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