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McCrory's path forward on Medicaid unclear

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Top officials [at NC DHHS] are about to embark on another "listening tour," according to a set of slides that Sandy Terrell, the Division of Medical Assistance's acting chief operating officer, presented at the North Carolina Institute of Medicines annual conference this month. It's unclear where and to whom the agency will be listening. Also unclear is what Terrell meant when she wrote that there would be "changes within the Division of Medical Assistance."

The Department of Health and Human Services refused a request to make Terrell or anyone else available to talk about pending changes in Medicaid, saying that an announcement was coming.

NC General Assembly: Budget Conference Committee

Thanks to Sen. Stein's LA, Candy Finley, for the list of those from the Senate on the Conference Committee from Senate Bill 402, Appropriations Act of 2013:

Here are the Senate appointees:

Appointed 06/19/2013

Sen. Peter S. Brunstetter, Chair
Sen. Harry Brown
Sen. Neal Hunt
Sen. Tom Apodaca
Sen. Bill Rabon
Sen. Ralph Hise

These men will join a group from the House to determine a final budget for the 2013-14 legislative budget. "The House and Senate have each appointed the conferees who will serve as the committee to work out the differences between the spending plans approved by each chamber. The state must have its budget adopted and approved by Gov. Pat McCrory before midnight June 30 to avoid any interruption of government services..."

Art Pope's Horatio Alger gospel

From an opinion piece published by Asheville Citizen-Times on Sunday:
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Art Pope is not famous.

He is wealthy, though. And powerful. In fact, he probably has more political influence over your life than anyone else in the state of North Carolina. This includes the governor, the legislators or even the Rev. Billy Graham.

He’s like Billy Graham, though, in that he preaches a gospel. It’s a Horatio Alger story of pulling one’s self up by the bootstraps. That’s peculiar, since he inherited his money from his family, which started the Pope’s five-and-ten cent chain in Fuquay-Varina and later bought up the Roses variety stores. And he’s like the governor in that he successfully steers policy in our state. Patrick McCrory named Pope his chief budget writer on Dec. 20, so there’s no question of Pope’s influence...

Messages from Reps. Insko and Dollar on the NC Medicaid budget controversy

Original Message Rep. Verla Insko (D-Orange Co.) replied to from Rep. Nelson Dollar (R-Wake Co.)

From: Rep. Nelson Dollar
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2011 11:33 PM
To: Martha Brock; lauriecoker; Rep. Verla Insko
Cc: Mary Annecelli; Emma Thorne; Bonnie Jo Schell; Chris Fitzsimon
Subject: RE: Collaborative letter for LOC and for local legislators

There have been no additional cuts or reductions to the Medicaid budget. Reports and speculation flying around this week are incorrect.

NC Republican Legislators have Betrayed our State

I want to thank Governor Perdue for standing up and fighting the Republican Budget.  I am ashamed that 5 Democrats decided to do what was in their best "Political Interest" instead of what is best for the State of North Carolina and the citizens of North Carolina.  Make no mistake this Budget takes our state in the Wrong Direction!  

The Republicans claim that their budget protects the class rooms but all they do is force the Local Governments to take on more of the burden of making those cuts.  A burden that they can't afford to bare.  

The Republicans have cut funding to Early Childhood education that really helps low income families and minorities, but the Republicans could careless.  All the while Tom Tillis gives his staff Raises, teachers across the state are going to get Pink Slips!  It's unforgiveble!  

Governor Draws Leads the Race to the Bottom

And screws NC yesterday stating "At this point in time, I don't know how to spell tax increase. It is off my plate right now." She said she was going to balance the budget without raising taxes and allow the temporary tax increase to expire.

I wonder what Republican wrote the Democrats playbook section on how to handle tough economic conditions. I'm sure there is 3.9 billion in waste in a 19 billion budget. Why we waited so long for such an easy goal is beyond me.

Here are a few quick ideas that come to mind below the fold.

Let's talk about Bev

I confess to having had on-again-off-again enthusiasm for Governor Perdue over the past year or so, but lately I'm mostly "on." I think she's done a good job in general handling the catastrophic financial mess she inherited from George W. Bush. And I especially appreciated her recent push-back against the regressive budget proposals from the House and Senate. The showdown has naturally captured the attention of North Carolina's editorial pages, many of which share the sentiments of BlueRidgeNow.

Taxes in brief

Even if you don't agree with Elaine's specific recommendations (though I do) - today's BTC analysis is well worth the read.

PAC Wars: Episode II - Revenge of the Stiffs

Things are getting heated over in Raleigh in lobbyist circles as special interest PAC's seek to be the last loophole standing when the budget is signed. We thought you might like to follow the players in this scramble and enjoy seeing a copy of our new research report entitled NC Budget, Tax Loopholes & Special-Interest PACs

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