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More on Charlotte Democrats' opposition to Patrick Cannon

Unfortunately, voters can't always read between the lines:

Those who became disenchanted with Cannon worked behind the scenes last year to keep him from becoming mayor. Former Democratic Mayor Harvey Gantt took the unusual step of endorsing James “Smuggie” Mitchell in the primary.

But even some African-American politicians, who could have helped as allies and mentors, stayed clear of Cannon. Anthony Foxx, the former mayor, now U.S. transportation secretary, felt Cannon couldn’t be trusted, according to people close to Foxx. City Council member David Howard said that “out of a sense of caution” he kept his distance. “I always tried to put community first,” Howard said, “and I’m not sure I always felt that’s what he was doing.”

So neither Gantt nor Foxx endorsed Cannon, which should have raised some eyebrows in Charlotte's African-American community. And it very well may have. But as we've seen countless times in the past in North Carolina politics (both parties), ethical problems are only "real" problems when they blow up in your face.

Who is Jim Hunt raising money for again?

A Feb 01 Charlotte Observer story told us something we already knew - that Jim Hunt (and others) are forming SuperPACs to raise money to influence elections. He declined to elaborate on the group and exactly what they are doing even at the Sanford-Hunt-Frye fundraising dinner where he was a speaker.

That same weekend, the N&O's John Frank reported that Hunt donated $1000 to Tea Party Republican Justin Burr during the 3rd quarter of 2013.

ONE MORE FUNDRAISING NUGGET: Former Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt gave state Rep. Justin Burr, a Republican budget writer, a $1,000 contribution Oct. 12, campaign finance reports show.

NC Democratic Party organizational meetings

Anyone who has witnessed the bickering here on BlueNC has seen only the tip of the iceberg as far as how far the Chairman's supporters will go in his defense. Folks who would normally step up and lead action against Voller will not, because he does have widespread support among the State Executive Committee's 700 members.

The only way to have a more sensible leadership in the Party, therefore, is to have those who disagree with the current party's leadership attend their local and county party meetings and run for the SEC. I won't. I tried twice, and I could not even get listed on the ballot in my county.

Maybe there is more hope outside the Raleigh beltline. The precincts have already started meeting and will continue into March. You can find your county party's information at the state party's web site:

NC Democratic Party – Calendar of Events 2014

Dr. Ben Chavis exposed: Village Voice 2000

The Shame of Mosque No. 7

'With a Sex-Harassment Suit Hanging Over His Head, Some Are Wondering Whether Nation of Islam Minister Benjamin Muhammad Is Fit to Lead the Million Family March'

By Peter Noel Tuesday, Sept 5 2000

Party Chairman Randy Voller is still in denial about the baggage Dr. Ben Chavis would bring as an employee of the NC Democratic Party. A simple Google search pulls up dozens of articles that document Chavis' simply awful track record.

This is one of the best from the time of his controversial tenure as leader of a Nation of Islam mosque in Harlem in NY City. I hope all the members of the State Party's Executive Council will read it.

from PoliticsNC: Conspiracy theory

hat tip to Bob Geary for alert about this article. If you are concerned about the Democratic Party's repeated meltdowns, this will answer many questions. At least it did for me:

For years, the Tin Foil Hat caucus that supports Randy Voller now, and supported David Parker before, spent much of their time obsessing over conspiracy theories about hidden scandals within the state Democratic Party headquarters. One story line centers on consultants, like me, who have done work for the party in the past. According to the them, we’re all trying to get into the party coffers through manipulating our connections with party officers or staff.

Well, I’ve got a conspiracy theory for them...

--Thomas Mills

Voller defers naming Ben Chavis--for now

The Raleigh News and Observer reports

Facing resistance, N.C. Democratic Party Chairman Randy Voller retreated from his intention to nominate civil rights leader and controversial figure Ben Chavis for a top post – at least for now.

In a contentious conference call with upward of 100 party executive leaders Tuesday night, Voller supported making state director Casey Mann the party’s interim executive director for up to 30 days as officials “explore a permanent replacement,” the party said in a statement. The executive council must approve Voller’s nomination.

Chavis vote did not happen

The Executive Council of the NC Democratic Party met via teleconference call. The reason appears to be a requirement under the rules that a meeting must be held withing 48 hours after a vacancy in the Executive Director's position.

Nonetheless, there was inadequate notice, which is also a requirement under Party rules. According to the person counting votes 28 votes constituted a majority. I don't know exactly how many Council members were on the phone. According to info on the Wake County Party site, there are 51 members. It was said at some point on the call there were over 150 participants including non-voting folks like me.

I only learned how to call in as the meeting was being convened at 9:00 pm, not the 8:00 pm I had been told earlier. What a mess.

Of course I won't complain too much. If a vote on hiring Ben Chavis had happened, it could have been a lot more detrimental to the Party.

Randy Voller on Ben Chavis

NC Democratic Party Chairman called and we spoke for several minutes about reports that Ben Chavis will be named as new Executive Director of the Party. Voller feels he is not getting fair treatment from some media outlets, especially the Raleigh News and Observer.

He appeared to be listening attentively to my questions about the firing of Dempsey and the hiring of Chavis. He did not want to get into details of Dempsey personnel matters, nor did I ask him to. However, he stated for the record that he "considered the situation like that of a coach who has to pull a player in the middle of a game. It is not easy, but sometimes it has to be done."

Democratic Party to announce new executive director Wednesday

Democratic Party to announce new executive director Wednesday

A new executive director for the N.C. Democratic Party will be announced on Wednesday.

That’s the word chairman Randy Voller sent out at midday Monday in a news release. Voller provided a couple clues: The new executive director is a North Carolina native and “national leader.”

Read more from Under the Dome

I have sent emails to Casey Mann and to Micah Beasley at Democratic Headquarters, but no response received yet. My questions are about the question raised by N&O story and quote from member of the party's state Council questioning Voller's authority to fire the Executive Director without vote by Council.

Randy Voller and NCDP plan for fall elections

Just had a brief chat on FB with Randy Voller and Yevonne Brannon. Voller's message to Democrats was posted earlier today (see 'Extreme GOP Pandemic'...). Randy is speaking truth to power in many venues including the mainstream media, but perhaps more importantly, to the people themselves in events across the state.

Randy responded to the Guv and his campaign promises of jobs for the people of NC in a ABC interview. As Randy puts it, "The GOP seems to think JOBS is a four letter word," now that they control the government of NC.

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