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How North Carolina Republican women engage in war on themselves

Through fact and nature, females of all species are more nurturing than their male counterparts. In other words, their roles in life are distinct and many times, undervalued. North Carolina women, just like education, continue to be the premier backbones of this state. According to current statistics, women outnumber men dynamically. And that female force, time and again, continues to reflect poorly in the voting booth.

Demographic Population Totals

Total Population In North Carolina

Total Population: 9,535,483
Male Population: 4,645,492
Female Population: 4,889,991

Demographic Household Type

Number Of Occupied Homes In North Carolina

Total: 3,745,155
Family led homes: 2,499,174

Dems rule in early voting turnout in NC

Unfortunately, young voters appear to be (once again) sitting this one out. 19 year-olds only outvoted 89 year-olds by one vote (881-880). And 72 year-olds (7,603) outvoted the entire block of 18-25 year-olds (6,847). Not good.

Senator Blue to replace ailing Nesbitt

from today

RALEIGH, N.C. — Senate Democrats on Tuesday selected Wake County Sen. Dan Blue as their new caucus leader, replacing Senate Minority Leader Martin Nesbitt.

Nesbitt stepped down after receiving an undisclosed medical diagnosis that will require him to seek treatment and cut into his time on the Senate floor.

“After a recent diagnosis, it has become clear that I will need to take some time in the coming weeks and months to focus on my health," Nesbitt said in a statement. "This year’s elections are too important to the future of our great state to not have all hands on deck. I am therefore pleased and proud that my friend, Sen. Dan Blue Jr., has agreed to lead the Democratic Caucus while I seek further medical treatment.”

WRAL: Dem Exec. Director fired

ALERT: Robert Dempsey, executive director of NC Democratic Party, fired #breaking

By Kelly Gardner

RALEIGH, N.C. — After less than a year as executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party, Robert Dempsey has been fired, multiple sources tell WRAL News.

According to those sources – some of whom talked to Dempsey – Dempsey said he was told Sunday that he's been let go.

Dempsey was installed as the party's executive director in May...

Musings on being a Democrat in North Carolina

Had a fairly long conversation with my son yesterday, mostly centering around the challenges facing the Democratic Party here in our state. A sampling of two is by no means a statistical foundation for taking action, and it's also important to note my firstborn is an unrepentant contrarian, always ready to assume the mantle of the devil's advocate. Or just the devil...anyway, we spent some time poking at soft spots and chewing on assumptions, and I may have a slightly better understanding of why the ranks of the Unaffiliated (like my son) have swelled so much in North Carolina, seemingly at the cost of registered Democrats. As I've mentioned before, I think it is critical the NCDP dedicate some resources to figuring this out, however much the data will hurt some feelings. In lieu of that, chew on this for a while:

Forum scheduled for candidates for State Party Chair

State Party Chair Candidate Town Hall

featuring candidates Eric Mansfield and Randy Voller

Come out and hear from the dynamic candidates for state party chair! Both candidates will be in attendance and will present their ideas and thoughts on the future of the North Carolina Democratic Party. Come prepared to ask your questions of the two men poised to become our next North Carolina Democratic Party Chair!

The Way Forward

We have been through a lot in the last 3 to 4 years. We've seen our economy teeter on the brink of collapse. We've seen thousands of Jobs go overseas. We've seen our brave men and women travel abroad, fighting two wars to defend our freedoms right here at home. We've seen our political process become more and more bitter, divisive and down right ineffective.

With the election of Barack Obama as the first black President, we've seen that most people in this country are ready to move past our ugly past of racism, and Jim Crow. But we've also seen that there are still some who want to hold on to that dark past, expressing hate and anger over the fact that a Black man is in the White House. We've seen partisan gridlock basically cripple Washington, DC and political posturing and grandstanding dominate our legislature in Raleigh.

NC Democrats: A Transformative Opportunity

I apologize for the length, but this was a note that I first posted on facebook last weekend. It may rile some feathers, but sometimes a good spring cleaning is needed:

Since last January, I have been watching and listening very closely to many of the elected officials, activists and hanger-ons after the Republicans gained complete control of the General Assembly; a feat unseen in over 120 years. With this historic win come the fruits of victory, and in this case it meant the ability to redraw the state's legislative and congressional maps.

After a three judge panel refused to delay the 2012 primary date (and in essence the filing period), we have seen scores of veteran democrats dropiing like flies. This is in NO WAY an attack on them-I thank them for their willingness to step up and serve! However, this has given me pause to think about the bigger picture, and despite of the incoming fire that will surely follow, my thoughts:

Wake Elections office says large number of Early Voting ballots: More Dems than GOP voters

Wake County Board of elections Director, Cherie Poucher, said Tuesday's election is roughly equivalent to the November 2009 polling, in which a school board runoff and municipal races were on the ballot according to the N&O.

"Ballots can returned up until 5 o'clock today," Poucher said this morning.'

The overall early voting count so far is 2,058, as opposed to 1,131 in 2009.

Democratic Party voters outnumber Republicans 635 to 317. Three Libertarians and 270 unaffiliated voters took part in early voting.

N.C. Democrats launch boycott of businesses owned by conservative financier Art Pope

Written by Sue Sturgis
Cross-posted from Facing South

The North Carolina Democratic Party has called for a boycott of the business owned by leading conservative benefactor Art Pope to protest what it calls his "corporate takeover" of elections.

Variety Wholesalers -- the privately-held parent company of discount chains Roses, Maxway, Super 10, Bargain Town, Bill's Dollar Store, Value Mart, Treasure Mart and Super Dollar -- has financed political advocacy organizations that have paid for misleading ads targeting Democrats, including ads that blame them for votes they never cast.

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