Gee, now he says he was trying to be funny.

Please raise your hand if you're laughing. Myself, I have a lot of experience with being bullied from my elementary and middle school days. Probably why I have something of an anger issue now... At any rate, that's the first retort from a bully caught with his hand on the kid's throat or shoving the kid's head into the toilet: "Gee, I was just making a joke." The kid being bullied is not laughing. Neither are we. But the days of scurrying away from being ridiculed are over. We don't shrink away. We stand.

The Know Nothings Part Deux, or The Birth of the Insane Clown Party

The Know Nothing was a political nativist movement of the 1850's characterized by xenophobia and empowered by fears that the country was being overwhelmed by people who were hostile to "Republican" values. Sound familiar?

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