Thank Burr and Tillis for the Orlando massacre

They had a chance (if not several) to stop Omar Mateen from arming himself:

Senate Republicans rejected a bill that aims to stop suspected terrorists from legally buying guns, on Thursday. The vote came a day after at least 14 people were killed during the San Bernardino massacre in California by two suspects, including a woman said to have pledged allegiance to ISIS. Forty-five senators voted for the bill and 54 voted against it. One Democrat, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, and one Republican, Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois, crossed party lines.

The NRA did not respond to a request on Friday for comment. But the gun rights lobby group told MSBC last month it wants to ensure that Americans who are wrongly on the terrorist list are are afforded their constitutional right to due process.

I don't want to hear another &*$%#@*&% word from Republicans harping about the "true" threat to our country. Or how Democrats put the interests of a tiny minority above the interests and desires of the vast majority of Americans. This bill would have allowed those denied the purchase of a firearm to plead their case to an administrative judge, and it would also have alerted the handful of wrongfully classified individuals that they were in fact on a watch list. Just basic common sense, as Dianne Feinstein so eloquently stated:

NC GOP: Allow concealed weapons without a permit

Welcome again to Bizarro World:

§ 14‑415.35. Carrying concealed weapons.

(a) Carrying Concealed Weapon. – Any person who is a citizen of the United States and is at least 21 years old may carry a concealed weapon in this State unless provided otherwise by law.

Forget about unqualified North Carolinians gaming the system by obtaining a Virginia carry license to meet NC's Reciprocity agreement. Also, forget about reciprocity entirely. That "citizen of the United States" wording basically allows people who cannot concealed-carry in their own state (if that state doesn't allow CC) to come right into North Carolina and do so indiscriminately. This bill is the epitome of irresponsibility, and the entire world will be gaping at us in disbelief before the sun sets today.

The next anti-Solar attack vector: Herbicides

And it always helps to have a professor back up your manufactured threat:

Ron Heiniger, a professor of crop science at N.C. State, is one of them. He said that in many cases, solar farms are a bad use of land and potentially harmful to the environment.

If a company goes out of business, he explained, a farmer could be left with an unusable piece of land. That’s because many companies want to use powerful herbicides to manage plant growth under the solar panels, which could hurt the environment.

Okay, Solar farms should be using the least damaging methods of controlling weeds and such, whether it's goats or standard landscaping approaches. That being said, NC State is the very last entity that should be whining about herbicides. Here's just the weed control chapter of the 2016 Agricultural Chemicals Manual (published by NC State), 146 pages of recommended herbicides for various crops, including a couple of doozies:

If you had any doubt NC is a 2016 battleground state...

You can put those doubts to rest:

Hillary Clinton is bringing her presidential campaign to North Carolina this month. The presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee will be in Raleigh on June 21 to discuss her vision for America, her campaign announced Saturday afternoon.

Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, plans to be in North Carolina on Tuesday for a campaign rally in Greensboro.

And so it begins. Between this fight for the purple and all the downballot races, including a likely new record for US Senate spending, the television commercials, robocalls, and hyperbolic mailers are going to be pounding us for the next five months. What can mere bloggers do to alter this big-money barrage? If you see something wonky (not right), provide whatever evidence you can find to debunk it. Something outrageous printed on a mailer? Scan it, share it. Just as we don't have the luxury to blow up the establishment and hope a gingerbread house is built to replace it, we don't have the luxury to assume somebody else, like maybe our newly-minted Politifact site, will uncover/discover Republican lies. I won't promise you'll be successful, but I will promise you will become more knowledgeable about the issues in question.

Taking bets on Junior Berger's pending environmental decision

Will he side with corporations or conservationists?

Administrative Law Judge Phil Berger Jr. said he would take about three months before issuing his decision on the case, partly due to the large number of records and documents he plans to review, according to an email from Heather Deck, the Pamlico-Tar Riverkeeper.

“The discharge will transform the swampy headwaters habitat into a fast-flowing stream consisting primarily of mine wastewater, permanently altering the creek’s diversity of life and abundance of high quality habitat for fish that prefer swampy waters,” according to the Southern Environmental Law Center, which is representing those opposed to the permit.

Methinks those fish are destined to move (or die), because Junior is not going to rule against a major multi-national corporation...

Unhinged UNCW professor lashes out at Roy Cooper

Mike Adams is the quintessential religious demagogue:

Of course, this is not the first time the feminist duo of Potter and Brennan have been sent by Cooper to do the dirty work of stripping Christians of their First Amendment rights. Just two years ago, the pair lost a jury trial in Greenville, North Carolina in a four-day trial. During that trial, they specifically read from the opinion columns of a Christian professor and effectively asked the jury to punish the author for writing them. The jury responded by siding with the professor.

The Cooper-led feminist ms-step ended up costing the state $665K in compensatory damages and attorney fees. It’s a good thing the judge didn’t tack on another one thousand. Had it been $666K some might have started wondering whether Cooper is in fact the anti-Christ.

This guy has no business standing in front of a class of canines being trained, much less university students. And not only is he hostile to successful females, his fear and loathing of LGBT folks is legendary:

Skip Stam: We shouldn't release police body cam footage, because ISIS

No really, he actually said that:

Rep. Skip Stam (R-Apex) also had a doozy of a theory on what could happen if the public gains access to body camera footage, when discussing a clause in an amendment offered by Rep. Robert Rieves (D-Sanford) that would make it mandatory to give access to body cameras to "just about anybody in the world who claims that they might have some civil suit," as Stam said.

"What’s the guy’s name in ISIS? [Abu Bakr] el-Baghdadi? He’s got a lot of money," Stam said. "It's sort of a secret that, rather than blowing up the World Trade Towers (sic), they could bring state and local government to a halt by using some of their billions to send public records requests out the wazoo to every town and county in North Carolina, and make all of these requests just because they say they want it. It would just completely bring the operation of state government to a halt."

What? Seriously, what? A calculated, comprehensive out-the-wazoo attack on all of our town and county governments? To be closely followed by what, Twitter shaming? "It took nine rings before the Fuquay-Varina clerk was able to answer the phone. Victory!" I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Dan Bishop's "fear of God" controls his actions

Cotton Mather would be proud:

The architect of the state’s controversial law to stop cities from extending non-discrimination protection to gay and transgender people insists no amount of protests and pressure could convince him to back down or soften his stance. And, when that architect — Rep. Dan Bishop — isn’t debating the merits of the law known as House Bill 2 with constituents and critics, he is championing and celebrating those who support the measure.

“I don’t fear man. I fear God. So I won’t be backing down,” Bishop (R-Mecklenburg) stated in a message he sent to a Charlotte man who implored the lawmaker not to allow persistent opposition to the law to lead to concessions.

Okay, he's either a shameless panderer, or a dangerously delusional man. Either way, unfit for public office.

Club For Growth spent $1.2 million in two NC Congressional races

And North Carolina voters danced well to their tune:

In an otherwise quiet primary, money spoke loudly Tuesday. The biggest spender, The Club for Growth Action, was the most successful.

The Washington, D.C.,-based Super PAC spent $700,000 to defeat U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers in the 2nd District Republican primary. She was crushed by fellow Rep. George Holding, who moved in from the 13th District, 53 percent to 24 percent. Even an endorsement from Donald Trump couldn’t save Ellmers, who was not considered conservative enough by her opponents.

Conservatives have been gunning for Renee Ellmers for well over a year, so this spending might have been merely icing on the cake. But when you decide to coronate a nobody, those dollars are critical:


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